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Local filmmaker/comedian Joel Ruiz is auditioning potential cast members for an ongoing web-based series. "Outpatient," is "a comedic single-camera multi-episode series" that revolves around an outpatient rehab program and the eccentric people who attend.

Ruiz is looking for Chattanooga actors and actresses as well as folks from 18 to 35 years old to act as extras and bit players.

Main or reoccurring roles

Mark Waters (lead): White male, mid 20s, average build. Underachiever, very complacent with his life.

Stephanie: White female, mid 20s, attractive. Mark's girlfriend. Arrogant know-it-all, feels likes she is better than most.

Darrel: White male, mid 20s. Over confident, breezes through life easily without effort. Mark's oldest friend.

Barry: White male, 35 or older. Head counselor of the clinic. Alcohol and drug addict, very odd, but can appear to have it together.

Gary: Black/Hispanic male, 30 or older. Assistant counselor, buff build. Ex-cop, born-again Christian with rage issues.

Rachel: White female, teenager, cute love interest of Mark.

Hillis: White male, teenager, average build. Friend of Mark's in rehab.

Kyle: White male, teenager. Stoner hippie, dreads preferred but not necessary.

Dale: White male, teenager but looks much older. Fat and dumpy, speaks slowly with long breaths in between. Alcoholic huffer.

Henry: White male teenager. Skinny dance-party kid who does a lot of uppers.

Debbie: White female, pre-teen. Slightly pudgy to husky build, pill addict.

Special K: Black male, teenager, average build. Silent, looks slightly catatonic.

Carol: White female, teenager. Skinny, strung out heroin addict.

Phillip: White male, teenager. Dumb, over-aggressive jock. Athletic build.


Sean, Walter, Jared: Various races and builds, mid 20s.

Waitress: Race varies, mid to late 20s, average build.

Heather the receptionist: White female, mid 20s to early 30s, average build.

Adult rehab patients: Race varies, late 30s, varying builds, sad, beaten-down-looking people who would be in a rehab program.

Youth rehab patients: Race varies, teenagers of varying builds.

Bar extras: Race varies, age varies, varying builds.