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Lisa Denton and Barry Courter

BARRY COURTER: First, I hear there will be a new Granny Denton in the Soddy-Daisy area. Congratulations. The original was just that, I understand. Quite a character.

LISA DENTON: She was that. She's been gone several years, but in Rhea County the legend lives on.

I have a few months before I have to decide what the little peanut will call me. I know "Granny" sounds old-fashioned, but some of my favorite women have been called that: Granny Denton, Granny Iles, Granny Clampett. Well, Granny Clampett's last name was actually Moses, but everyone forgets that.

BARRY: She was a scrapper. Go with "Granny." It's what I'm going to call you, in any case.

LISA: The impending arrival means I'll have a whole new list of things to shop for at this weekend's Antique Alley & Yard Sale along U.S. Highway 11. You can bet that when I pull back into the driveway, the Hocus Focus will be filled with bibs and diapers -- and not just for me. I'll need some for the baby, too.

BARRY: Remember, you'll want to keep the really cool toys at your house so Peanut will come visit. Send the loud ones up the road.

LISA: Yeah, I think that music quote "If it's too loud, you're too old" also applies to toys. And newborns. But I'll do my best.

BARRY: Speaking of music, it's a busy week at Track 29; we haven't mentioned them too often of late. Tegan and Sara will bring their Let's Make This Physical Tour there Tuesday. I like their poppy folk, or folky pop, sound. David Nail is there on Thursday, and Conor Oberst drops in on Saturday. He will be playing with Dawes. We like us some Dawes around here, and it's been a while since they were here.

Oberst also will be on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on May 19 and "CBS This Morning: Saturday" on May 24.

LISA: Roadkill Ghost Choir, an indie folk-rock band from DeLand, Fla., will headline Nightfall on Friday. They made their national television debut on "Late Show With David Letterman" back in January.

BARRY: Cool name, too.

LISA: I know. I have an image of an ethereal band standing over a flattened possum. That's really why the chicken crossed the road by the way -- to show the possum it could be done.

BARRY: The chicken suckered him.

LISA: I'm also excited that it's time for the Chattanooga Public Library to start its summer reading program. I always think/hope/pray that kids who read books will eventually read newspapers.

This year's program has a theme of "Make. Play. Read. Learn," and there are kickoff activities at all the branches Saturday. WDEF Channel 12 chief meteorologist Patrick Core will talk about weather at the Northgate branch, the Creative Discovery Museum will bring rocks and minerals to Eastgate, and Chattanooga Zoo will have a few animals at the main library downtown.

That all sounds fun, but my favorite activities will be at the South Chattanooga branch. Besides a visit by balloon sculptor Patricia Balloona (you should check out her website), the librarians will inaugurate a monthly Origami Yoda Book Club for tweens to make origami Yodas. Oh, wait ... I meant to say: Inaugurate a monthly book club, they will, and origami Yodas make.

BARRY: You speak Yoda, too? So talented.

The Chattanooga Football Club opens its league season at Finley Stadium on Saturday as well. They play Nashville starting at 7:30 p.m.

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