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Lisa Denton and Barry Courter

BARRY COURTER: Lisa, you're probably in training for "The Hunger Games" marathon planned for Saturday at the Northgate Public Library, but a whole week is a long time to try to hold that whole scrunched-up forehead and pouty-lip look. And there are some good concerts in town this week.

LISA DENTON: I guess that explains your pained expression. I couldn't decide if you were giving someone a come-hither look or trying to pass a kidney stone. I'm relieved to hear you're just getting your angst on for the movie.

BARRY: I've actually been practicing since watching early seasons of "One Tree Hill" with my daughter. Those guys always looked like they had really bad gas, but I hear they got paid a lot of money for that look, so I was trying to copy it. It's the Joey Tribbiani (from "Friends") method of acting taken to a new level in "The Hunger Games."

But you're saying it's not working for me, though, huh? Dang.

LISA: It's funny that there's a marathon with only two movies in the series out so far, but "The Hunger Games" clocks in at two hours and 22 minutes, and "Catching Fire" runs two hours and 26 minutes. The latest installment, "Mockingjay," will be in theaters Friday. I was pleasantly surprised to see its running time had been whittled down to a svelte two hours and three minutes, then I realized it's only Part 1.

BARRY: Man, who can hold a face that long?

LISA: If you want to talk concerts, I'm excited about Old Crow Medicine Show, who'll be at Memorial Auditorium on Saturday with Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives. Wouldn't it be cool to introduce yourself as a Fabulous Superlative?

BARRY: Yeah, I rarely get an "est," as in "nicest," or "greatest" or "best-est," on the end of any word describing me. At least in good ways.

Seriously, that's a great lineup. I wonder if Old Crow will do "Wagon Wheel." I kid. Of course they will. Before that show, however, RaeLynn will be at Track 29 on Tuesday. If you're into seeing a star in the early part of a career, this would be a good time. She's on a lot of artist-to-watch lists, and she's BFFs with no less than Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, apparently.

LISA: Can't go wrong making friends with a Nashville power couple. I hear she's also friends with hometown singer Lauren Alaina, so that's another point in her favor. And a local girl, 8-year-old Roman Hawkins from Graysville, Ga., plays a younger version of RaeLynn in her video for "God Made Girls." Point No. 2.

And don't forget to dry-clean your elf suit this week. HoHo Expo is Saturday and Sunday at the Chattanooga Convention Center, and I hear you've drawn duty in the Kids Zone.

BARRY: Typecasting.

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