Cowboy Kyle McPheters will put on waders and go into the Tennessee Aquarium's touch tank for his talks on shark pups Friday night for Sharkfest.


BARRY COURTER: Lisa, in case you missed them on the small screen, the Imax 3D Theater is offering you a chance to watch both "Sharknado" and "Sharknado 2: The Second One" this weekend. The Tennessee Aquarium is hosting Sharkfest on Friday night with shark tattoos and hairdos for kids (temporary, of course) and Dr. Bernie's Travelin' Shark Show with museum specimens on display.

On Saturday night, the theater is hosting #Sharknooga. They'll show the movies and have munchables and cocktails, as well as experts on the weather and sharks to answer any question you've ever had about sharks or tornadoes and why the merging of the two makes for a perfect movie. Sounds like a good date night, so bring your chum. See what I did there?

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Lisa Denton and Barry Courter

LISA DENTON: Oh cod. Fish shtick. You're krillin' me.

Both nights sound like fun. I got up the other morning with a fin-tastic hairdo, so I'd love to see what an actual stylist with a handful of gel could come up with.

And you know there's a third movie in the series now? "Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No." I haven't actually watched all of any of them, but I think I've seen enough. Still, now that the franchise has become a cult classic, seeing the movies in the Imax auditorium could start something with audience participation like "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." We should suggest that, just for the halibut. (Sorry, but you started it. I just took the bait.)

BARRY: Whale, excuse me. What would people throw at the screen a la "Rocky Horror?" Teeth?

LISA: Maybe. Or gummy sharks candy. Or Goldfish crackers. Oh, crackers first, and then the sharks behind them. It still needs work.

BARRY: There are two free concerts this weekend worth checking out. Both offer looks at the hipper side of the Nashville music scene. Nightfall on Friday will feature David Mayfield, who's a mix of humor, Americana and rock. On Saturday, The Whiskey Gentry headline Riverfront Nights at Ross's Landing. They're country with a bluegrass bent. Lead singer Lauren Staley is all country, but the backing band plays foot-stomping music with an attitude.

LISA: I like foot stomping. I might even throw in a little knee slapping.

BARRY: And I know you're excited about yard-selling it again next weekend. Four days perusing the World's Longest Yard Sale sounds like about two hours' worth of fun.

LISA: Maybe to you, but when I come home, I will have loaded up the truck like the Beverly Hillbillies. That'll be my mom riding in the back in Granny's rocker.

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