The Ruen Brothers headline Nightfall Friday night at Miller Plaza.

LISA DENTON: Barry, I can hardly believe we're staring at the Memorial Day weekend, but here we are. Spring is flying by.

BARRY COURTER: And yet we never age.

LISA: "Never" is a stretch, but I'll play along. Speaking of age, if it won't steal too much from your ChattanoogaNow story, you need to tell the best line from your interview with Maggie Peterson, who played Charlene Darling on "The Andy Griffith Show."

BARRY: I might hang on to it until the story comes out next Thursday, but I will say it involves little Opie Taylor actor Ron Howard. What a thrill it was to talk to her, and we laughed like we were old friends. I love that show almost as much as she does.

She will be part of the "Mayberry Memories" celebration on Saturday at The Caverns in Pelham, Tennessee. It's being hosted by The Dillards, the guys who played The Darlings on the show. David Browning, better known as "The Mayberry Deputy" for his tribute to Barney Fife, will also be there.

I will say Peterson and I had big yuks talking about her signature line from the show: "That song makes me cry."

LISA: It's a great line and a great show. I always loved how deadpan the Darlings were and Denver Pyle's jug playing as dad Briscoe Darling. Good stuff.

As long as we're talking bluegrass, we need to mention that bluegrass/Americana/folk band Caney Creek Company will play their farewell (for now) show at Songbirds on Saturday. If you go, you get a copy of their second album, "Tall Tales," which should help tide you over until they decide to perform together again.

BARRY: They are very good. I bet you might hear a bluegrass lick or two at the Ringgold 1890s Days Friday and Saturday.

The Ruen Brothers, who headline at Nightfall Friday, are not a bluegrass duo but have a beautiful old-timey sound. And they wear bolos. I've always been afraid to wear something that looks so much like a noose around my neck. You've met my people, right?

LISA: Yeah, I wouldn't put that much temptation in front of any of your brothers. Maybe even your sister.

BARRY: Yeah, every time one of my brothers sees my "Press" badge around my neck he presses it, and says, "Nothing happened. You're still an idiot."

LISA: There are a couple of film events worth noting too, two of them ocean-related. "Great Barrier Reef" has opened at the Imax Theater, and the underwater cinematographer, Jemma Craig, will be on hand to introduce the film at a special event Thursday.

On Friday, Hamilton County Parks and Recreation will present a free family movie night at Chester Frost Park. They're not supposed to publicize the title of the film, but it's about a deep-sea superhero played by Jason Momoa.

Then at the Tivoli Theatre, the Bobby Stone Film Series will play "Us" on Saturday and "The Princess Bride" on Sunday. I haven't seen "Us" yet, but "The Princess Bride" is one of the best films ever.

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