Photo from Gail Rich / "City by the Bay" is a 24- by 26-inch acrylic, mixed-media diptych by Kathleen Pacenti.

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'Broads Go the Dogs'

The dogs came to the Broads last Thursday night as "Broads Go to the Dogs" opened at First Christian Church — Disciples of Christ.

The meet-the-artists reception included several "adorable, adoptable tail-waggers" looking for a forever home, says Betty A. Proctor, chair of communications for the McCallie Avenue church.

First Christian opened its Palette to Table Gallery in August 2017 and typically holds spring and fall shows. A portion of sales goes toward church ministries, often the Chattanooga Community Kitchen, and perhaps another charity of the artists' choosing. "Broads Go to the Dogs," showcasing works by the Broad Stroke Artists, will funnel a portion of sales to McKamey Animal Center.

Show curator Gail Rich, owner of JumpSt/Art Emerging Artist Services, says the show will run through Dec. 31, "which hopefully can inspire some holiday shopping."

If you go

* What: Broad Stroke Artists’ “Broads Go to the Dogs” exhibit

* When: Through Dec. 31 (gallery open 9 a.m.-noon Sundays and by appointment)

* Where: First Christian Church - Disciples of Christ, 650 McCallie Ave.

* Contact: Gail Rich of JumpSt/Art, 703-402-9862

* Online:

Of the 50-plus pieces available, "the most expensive is maybe $500, and the least expensive is $100," she says.

All six of the Broad Stroke Artists are represented: Lorraine Perkins, Janice Kennedy, Lupina Poi Haney, Kathleen Pacenti, Fay Ives and Vicki Simpkins Styons. Their paths had crossed many times in mutual organizations and art classes, but it was an open studio at Art Creations where their friendship was cemented. The weekly gathering revealed common interests and an appreciation for the artistic feedback they bandied to and fro. They held their first show together in 2018.

Rich, who calls herself an "artre-preneur," says she typically matches emerging artists with corporate clients through her business but was interested when Kennedy asked if Rich would consider working with the Broad Stroke Artists.

Rich says she already admired their work, individually and collectively, and decided that her acquaintance with two of the artists, Kennedy and Perkins, could morph into a business relationship with the group.

"Your work complements each other, but it's all different,"she remembers telling Kennedy. "It's affordable. It's bright. It's engaging. It's happy."

For this show, each of the artists submitted 10 to 15 images of recent paintings, and Rich "chose the ones I thought I could make a cohesive show out of. There's no theme other than the fact I wanted bright, happy textures."

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