FILE--Orson Welles reads from his script during the 1938 broadcast his radio show "The War of the Worlds." Wells' fictional account of a Martian invasion of Earth created widespread panic in the minds of thousands of listeners. (AP Photo/File)

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LISA DENTON: Barry, this seems to be a big week for nostalgia acts. Last night, Rumours of Fleetwood Mac played Walker Theatre. Tuesday, "The Simon & Garfunkel Story" is at the Tivoli Theatre. Saturday, Nirvanna (two "n's") will play A Tribute to Nirvana (one "n") at Songbirds, and the GlowBand will present Experience the Eagles at the Colonnade.

I long for the day when Nirvannna does a tribute to both predecessors.

BARRY COURTER: Do you think there will ever be a duo doing an Off the Couch tribute act? Yeah, me neither, but just for giggles, what would it be called? Ain't Getting Off the Couch? Lawd, My Bunions Hurt? Or how about He's on My Side Again, or He's Looking at Me?

LISA: All worthy names. How would they stage it? Just two nitwits sitting at their desks typing and giggling.

BARRY: That works for us.

LISA: Every week. If we follow Nirvanna's lead, maybe it could be Off the Couuch. Sort of seems like the Southern way to spell it anyway.

Speaking of weird spellings, Sandi Patty will be at Collegedale Community Church on Saturday. On one of her early records, the label misspelled her name, so it's possible to have records by Sandi Patty and Sandi Patti — and, for all I know, Sandy Patti and Sandy Patty. You know, sort of like how you get mail to Barry Coulter and Harry Couter.

However she spells her name, I'm pretty sure I could just sit at home in Soddy-Daisy and listen toward the east and hear her. Such a powerful voice.

BARRY: Speaking of powerful voices, I just have to mention that seeing Alison Krauss last week at the Tivoli was once again an amazing experience. The voice of an angel. And it's exciting to see what changes are in store for the Tivoli complex.

LISA: The most beautimous event will be the Chattanooga Balloon Festival Friday and Saturday at the Tennessee Riverpark. They'll have a kids zone, music, craft booths and food vendors. For 20 bucks, you can ride in a hot-air balloon, weather permitting, and at 8 each night they'll do the balloon glow, which is really cool to see.

Years ago, they had a hot-air balloon festival at Camp Jordan, and I got to go up in a balloon to write a story. We didn't float far, just over to the southbound I-75 Welcome Center, but we came in low over the interstate, to the point that it looked like we were about to land on a semi truck.

BARRY: Imagine how the truck driver felt. He probably thought he was having a hallucination. Speaking of seeing some weird stuff, and imaginations, the Mountain Arts Community Center is introducing the WMAC — Live Classic Radio Shows on Thursday. These are free live classic radio shows presented before a live audience every two months. This go around, they are doing "Sorry, Wrong Number," and then the Orson Welles masterpiece "War of the Worlds."

LISA: And there's still several Halloween events coming up. Classic Arcade Pinball Museum will do Pinball-O-Ween. Cambridge Square will do Halloween on the Square. There's a Zombies on a Train escape room at the Chattanooga Choo Choo. And MainStreet Cleveland will be doing its big Halloween block party. I know people who go to this every year to load up on candy. M&M/Mars stocks Treat Street.

You know, our co-worker Meg Scarbrough was saying the other day that she needs to up her candy game. The neighbors on one side have full-size candy bars, and the neighbors on the other have Little Debbie treats. My kind of neighborhood.

BARRY: Dang, we turn the lights out and hide in the basement. But, honestly, we rarely have trick-or-treaters. Could be the razor wire, though.

LISA: I hide out in the basement too sometimes. When I get down to the candy I don't want to give away.

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