The "Rosemary's Baby" mocktail is shown Monday, March 18, 2019, at Public House in Chattanooga, Tennessee. (Staff photo by Erin O. Smith)

Chattanooga has earned a reputation for being a place with some pretty good booze. 

With nearly a dozen craft breweries, whiskey, vodka and gin distilleries, several rooftop bars and a strong restaurant scene boasting imaginative bartenders and cocktails, there's not a lack of options when it comes to imbibing in the Scenic City. 

But what do you drink when you aren't drinking? 

"Dry January," or "Dryuary," is a yearly challenge to not drink any alcoholic beverages for a month, and more people are expected to partake this year because of the increase in drinking due to the stressors and isolation associated with the coronavirus pandemic

Going booze-free for a short time has a lot of benefits too, according to Seventy percent of people sleep better, 86% save money and 65% of people notice generally improved health. It can also improve skin, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce levels of cancer-related proteins in the blood.

So we asked some locals, including The Bitter Bottle owner Kaleena Goldsworthy-Warnock and Public House beverage director Courtney Daniels, what Chattanoogans have as options for mocktails and alcohol-free beverages in the city. 

While mostly any bar can make a cocktail a mocktail by subtracting the booze, here are some truly delicious-sounding drinks that stand out: 

— The Public House and The Social, 1110 Market St., make two popular mocktails, but all of their bartenders are trained to make any kind of mocktails anyone needs, Daniels said. The Beet It includes beet juice, orange juice, lime juice and simple syrup. Rosemary's Baby is made of club soda, lemon juice, simple syrup, rosemary and strawberries.

— 1885 Grill in St. Elmo, 3914 St. Elmo Ave., is making a drink appropriately named The Resolution! It includes ginger berry, strawberry puree, ginger beer and soda. The restaurant also has an alcohol-free version of their popular Bees Knees cocktail called the Bees Trousers, which includes gray rosemary thyme, honey and fresh lemon. 

— Feed Table & Tavern, 201 W. Main St., has created the Soberjito, which consists of muddled blueberries, mint, limes, lime simple syrup, ginger beer and soda. 

— Stir Chattanooga, 1444 Market St., can make most of their cocktails virgin (nonalcoholic), including the Strawberry Moon Sangria and Bloody Marys. Brunch, anyone?

— State of Confusion, 301 E Main St., has Agua Frescas, which are light, nonalcoholic drinks popular in Mexico that are made in-house with fresh muddled fruit and soda water. Flavors include cantaloupe mint, strawberry basil and lemon cucumber. 

Goldsworthy-Warnock also recommends nonalcoholic options at The Flying Squirrel, 55 Johnson St., Easy Bistro & Bar, 801 Chestnut St., and Proof Bar & Incubator, 422 E. M.L. King Blvd., in downtown Chattanooga. 

Seeing as we are living in a pandemic, Imbibe Chattanooga also has some great to-go options for drinking at home. The store stocks three kinds of nonalcoholic beers from Wellbeing Brewing Co., including a golden wheat, dark amber and IPA, that have proven to be popular among customers. They also stock a nonalcoholic IPA from Brooklyn Brewing Co., and wine lovers can buy the Fre (alcohol-removed) brand of wine from Sutter Home.

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