Mark your calendar. Wednesday's date is a palindrome — 1/20/2021 — reading the same backward and forward.

Abbreviate the year, and you can celebrate more than a week of palindromes: 1/20/21 through 1/29/21.

Palindromes are a fun quirk of the calendar, but they're not the only notable numbers this year. Feb. 1 isn't a palindrome, but it could possibly overshadow Groundhog Day with its pleasing numerical sequence, 2/1/21. And some dates can mark the year mathematically, such as 7/3/21 (multiplication) or 11/10/21 (addition).

Still, the best time to mark an occasion this year may be the first Saturday in April, otherwise known as 4/3/21. Or, as some engaged couples are calling it, the final countdown.

"So cool," said Alison Morris, owner of The Church on Main in Chattanooga, though her booking for the date was made of necessity not whimsy.

"I don't know that they were aware," she said of the couple planning their nuptials on that date. "It was the only Saturday we had available."

Kris Cobb, owner of The Barn at Drewia Hill in Sale Creek, said she has several appointments this weekend and expects someone will grab the countdown date once the couples have toured the rural venue.

"I thought about putting it on Facebook, but, gosh, sometimes that makes it a stampede," she said.

Beth Covey, manager of Covey Creek Farm in Rossville, said her venue has long been reserved for 4/3/21. "I think that was the reason they booked it," she said.

Your final countdowns

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Despite the entertainment value of 4/3/21, Cobb said most of the couples she works with are more likely to choose a date that has personal meaning.

"I run into mostly 'That's the day we got engaged' or 'That's the day we met.' Something like that. Or 'It's my parents' wedding anniversary' or maybe their grandparents' anniversary. Something sentimental usually."

Covey said her experience is similar.

"The majority are when they got together or first met," she said of the couples she assists. "It's not about the numbers on the calendar."

Among the most popular dates last year was the Saturday that fell on 10/10/2020, according to

Morris said a wedding booked on 9/11 last year at first gave her pause, but the date was meaningful for the North Georgia couple.

"Rather than making the day a sad one, they made it about celebrating freedom," she said.

The bride, the former Stephanie Knox, a sixth-grade math teacher at Lakeview Middle School, said her now-husband, Paul Maroon, retired after a 20-year stint in the U.S. Army that included deployments to Iraq (twice), Afghanistan and Syria. He now works for the Walker County Sheriff's Office. They have relatives who are military veterans or work in law enforcement.

"It was a very significant date to us, just as patriots," she said. "You always want to love and support your country, our soldiers and law enforcement."

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Lauren Brooks Photography / Paul and Stephanie Maroon set up a memorial chair with reminders of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks for their Sept. 11, 2020, wedding, including an American flag, firefighter's helmet and police cap.

In observance of the date, the couple projected an image of the twin towers on the floor with a gobo light and included an empty chair draped with an American flag, firefighter helmet and police cap to symbolize the importance of the day."

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Palindrome dates

Palindrome dates can vary by the number of digits used and how the day, month and year are sequenced. These are possibilities for 2021.


Jan. 2 (1/2/21)


Jan. 20 (1/20/2021)


Jan. 20 (1/20/21)

Jan. 21 (1/21/21)

Jan. 22 (1/22/21)

Jan. 23 (1/23/21)

Jan. 24 (1/24/21)

Jan. 25 (1/25/21)

Jan. 26 (1/26/21)

Jan. 27 (1/27/21)

Jan. 28 (1/28/21)

Jan. 29 (1/29/21)


12 February (12/02/2021)


Dec. 2 (12/02/2021)


Dec. 11 (12/11/21)

Dec. 22 (12/22/21)