Celebrate National Independent Beer Run Day on July 3 with a stop at a Chattanooga-area brewery. / Photo credit: Getty Images/iStock/Rouzes

As long as you're going out to pick up the hot dogs and hamburger meat for your Fourth of July gatherings, the Brewers Association has another stop to recommend.

Saturday, July 3, is National Independent Beer Run Day, hosted by the Brewers Association, a not-for-profit trade association that represents more than 5,300 U.S. brewery members and 46,000 members of the American Homebrewers Association, among others.

This is the third year for Beer Run Day, meant to celebrate the inevitable meet-up between beer lovers and breweries, specifically local breweries.

"Purchasing independent craft beer ahead of summer's biggest holiday helps fuel local small businesses in the community, and local beer is better," said spokeswoman Jenelle Scott of Backbone Media.

Recent Harris Poll data indicate that drinking beer made by an independent brewer is important to 77% of weekly craft beer drinkers. And according to scan data by Information Resources Inc., a data analytics and market research company, the week leading up to Independence Day has been the highest single sales week of the year for the last five years, with craft beer sales, by volume, an estimated 34% higher than a typical week.

Here's a list of locations within a wide radius of Chattanooga that make and/or sell craft beer. Many have taprooms and restaurants attached. Visit to learn more.

Contact Lisa Denton at or 423-757-6281.


Who makes craft beer in the Chattanooga area?

* Big Frog Brewing Co.: 2122 Dayton Blvd., Red Bank; 423-803-9046,

* Big River Grille & Brewing Works: 222 Broad St., Chattanooga; 423-267-2739

* Brewski: (brand made by Double Cola); 423-267-5691,

* Buck Bald Brewing Corp.: 160 Ocoee St., Copperhill, Tennessee; 770-316-9971,

* Cartecay River Brewing Co.: 26 River Terrace, Ellijay, Georgia; 706-395-8985,

* Chattanooga Brewing Co.: 1804 Chestnut St., Chattanooga; 423-702 9958,

* Cherokee Brewing + Pizza Co.: 207-B W. Cuyler St., Dalton, Georgia; 706-529-9478,

* Common John Brewing Co.: 210 Woodbury Highway, Manchester, Tennessee; 931-409-0630,

* Copperhill Brewery: 105 Ocoee St., Copperhill, Tennessee; 423-548-3030,

* Fannin Brewing: 3758 E. First St., Blue Ridge, Georgia; 706-258-2762,

* Five Wits Brewing Co.: 1501 Long St., Chattanooga,

* Grumpy Old Men Brewing: 1315 E. Main St., Blue Ridge, Georgia; 770-331-8870,

* Heaven & Ale Brewing Co.: 300 Cherokee Blvd., Suite 101, Chattanooga; 404-441-6434,

* Hutton & Smith Brewing Co.: 3108 Riverside Drive and 431 E. M.L. King Blvd., Chattanooga; 423-760-3600,

* Mad Knight Brewing Co.: 4015 Tennessee Ave., Chattanooga; 423-825-6504,

* Main Channel Brewing Co.: 2090 Gunter Ave., Guntersville, Alabama; 256-960-5070

* Monkey Town Brewing Co.: 287 First Ave., Dayton, Tennessee; 423-775-1800,

* Naked River Brewing: 1791 Reggie White Blvd., Chattanooga; 850-418-3780,

* Oddstory Brewing Co.: 336 E. M.L. King Blvd., Chattanooga; 256-309-7208,

* Phantom Horse Brewing: 56-A Fieldstone Village Drive, Rock Spring, Georgia; 423-314-4978,

* Tanasi Brewing and Supplies: 1510 Riverside Drive; 423-648-2739,

* The Tap House: 3800 St Elmo Ave., Chattanooga; 423-414-1292,

* The Terminal Brewhouse: 1464 Market St., Chattanooga; 423-752-8090,

* Top of the Rock Restaurant & Brewery: 1584 Jasper Highlands, Jasper, Tennessee; 423-939-9037,

* WanderLinger Brewing Co.: 1208 King St., Chattanooga; 615-653-5407,