Lawmakers honor local broadcasting legend Luther Masingill

Lawmakers honor local broadcasting legend Luther Masingill

April 8th, 2010 by Andy Sher in Local Regional News

NASHVILLE - The General Assembly today honored Chattanooga broadcasting legend Luther Masingill, whose nearly 70-year radio and 56-year television broadcasting career has included announcing Japan's 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor and the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

Senate Bill 2643 renames a section of Broad Street the "Luther Masingill Parkway" in what the bill describes as "a lasting tribute to an excellent broadcaster and public servant and even more accomplished human being." The section includes the 3300 block of WDEF radio and television studios where Mr. Masingill continues to work.

Rep. Tommie Brown, D-Chattanooga, whose district includes the designated area, stood in the well of the House chamber with other Hamilton County lawmakers as the legislation was read and approved on a 92-0 vote. Senators approved it earlier on a 31-0 vote.

"If Luther didn't say it happened, it didn't happen," Rep. Brown said, noting Mr. Masingill's reports on weather, school and road closings as well as lost pets long ago made him an integral part of the Chattanooga area.

Earlier, Sen. Bo Watson, R-Hixson, chairman of the Hamilton County legislation delegation, described Mr. Masingill, generally known as "Luther," as a local "icon" but also a "humble man who shuns the spotlight of personal recognition."

A minor amendment on the bill requires it to go back to the Senate for concurrence.