Tea party groups backing Ramsey for governor

Tea party groups backing Ramsey for governor

July 6th, 2010 by Andy Sher in Local Regional News

NASHVILLE - Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron Ramsey's campaign today announced that 20 Tea Party organizations across the state are endorsing his candidacy in the Aug. 5 Republican gubernatorial primary.

Eric Stamper of Sumner United for Responsible Government, who coordinated the vetting and endorsement process, said the endorsements come from "almost every Tea Party group capable of endorsing."

"Despite what other candidates may claim, this endorsement of Ron Ramsey by twenty of Tennessee's Tea Party groups and the previous endorsement of approximately fifty individual founders and leaders of liberty groups should confirm once and for all that Ron Ramsey is the 'tea party candidate' and enjoys nearly unanimous support among the tea parties," Mr. Stamper said in a new release.

Lt. Gov. Ramsey said he is "thrilled" by the endorsements.