Scoop Hargis at it again

Prep sports ace Stephen Hargis has some real news for the 2:00 Drill.

From Hargis:

Arts & Sciences has named Lee Ziegler and Carrie Hill as girls' basketball co-head coaches. Ziegler has 17 years coaching experience and Hill, an all-district player who graduated from CSAS in 2004, has been the boys' soccer coach and a girls' assistant soccer coach at the school.

"We had a lot of people who were interested but we decided this would be the best fit for this season," CSAS athletic director Mark Dragoo said. "Carrie will deal with the player personnel situations since she's female and teaches at the school, and Lee will do most of the game-day coaching since he has more experience."

The Lady Patriots' job came open in September when Clay Martin resigned to accept a career opportunity outside of coaching.


FCS keeps a big program

Montana has decided against moving to the Football Championship Subdivision, the AP reported Thursday.

That's huge news for the Football Championship Subdivision - the level formerly known as I-AA that includes UTC.

Montana is one of the FCS heavyweights and frequently made trips to Chattanooga for the title game, which called our fair city home for 13 years. The Grizzlies were among the best-traveling programs and always brought great storylines and fans.

But since the title game will be in Frisco, Texas this January, I guess it doesn't matter anymore.


Quick pick

Roddy White is expected to play for teh Falcons tonight, but it likely won't matter.

Friend of the Drill - Mark - likes the Ravens and that's enough for us.