5-at-10: Merry Christmas (and the best high school football players we've ever seen)

5-at-10: Merry Christmas (and the best high school football players we've ever seen)

December 25th, 2012 by Jay Greeson in Local Regional News

Normally, the 5-at-10 is five things we're kicking around at 10 a.m. - 5 at 10. Clever, huh.

Well during the holidays/vacation (and yes, this week is some of both at the 5-at-10 compound) we have a top-5 list and invite comments. So it's more of a list of a 5 at 10.

Top 5 best high school football players we ever seen in person

Our man Stephen Hargis had a great piece in today's TFP about the year that was in high school football around our area. Add that to the Best of Preps football offense that we unloaded, this was the best day to trot out the best high school football players we've ever seen. Feel free to discuss yours (and sorry for being a little tardy - it's Christmas).

1) Daryl Purvine, Campbell High, late 1970s

Say what you want, but Purvine was a wrecking machine. Campbell played a 7-1-3 defense and Purvine was the one. And he was all they needed. As a youngster in Smyrna, we were there when Purvine was credited with a tackle on every play. Yes, you read that correctly. He went to Alabama and injuries and school toppled the high school super linebacker. Purvine was the AJC high school defensive player of the 1970s.

2) D.J. Shockley, North Clayton, late 1990s

Dude was borderline unstoppable.

3) Johnathan Sullivan, Griffin High, mid-to-late 1990s

Wrecking ball that was unblockable.

4) Da'Rick Rogers, Calhoun High, late 2000s

Off-the-field he has had some distractions, but David Ricky was an NFL talent even in high school three years ago.

5) Jeff Francoeur, Parkview High, late 1990s

As a wide receiver and DB, Francoeur was awesome.He led Parkview to back-to-back state titles in football and baseball, and as a junior in football, he had something like 50 touches - 35 catches, five carries and 10 interceptions - and scored 25 TDs.

Of the near misses, we had Vonn Bell and B.J. Coleman and a few others including Demonte Bolden and David Greene and Jasper Sanks.

Who's on your list?