Chattanooga boutique owners share their fashion philosophy.

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Jordan Smith makes triumphant return to Lee

"Fashion can bring out a confidence you never knew you's a huge self-esteem boost. With the right outfit - and the key word there is "fit" - people come out of their shells."

- Emily Goodin, owner of Boutique Couture

"Each woman is unique and should find what looks best for her body type and lifestyle. Some women look best in classics, while others look better in something more trendy. When developing one's personal style, one should be open to trying new styles, which may open doors to your best personal style."

- Trish Foy, owner of Anna Ball White

"My philosophy is about memory and lifestyle within your wardrobe. What is your lifestyle? What are the fabrics that make you comfortable or remind you of something that brings you joy, makes you feel beautiful?"

- Katherine Roberts Burger, owner of K::A Boutique by Katherine Roberts

"I have always loved fashion and shoes in particular. I believe in building a wardrobe by starting with good basics and timeless classic styles mixed with regular updates - a white button-down is truly one of the most important basics in any woman's wardrobe."

- Terri M. Holley, owner of Embellish

"I realized at a certain age that it's fun to have many different looks depending on how you feel on a given day. Express it!"

- Kent Magee, owner of Willa

"Fashion is a form of creative expression. My biggest motto is to be true to yourself. If it's not a look that you're comfortable with, don't do it. Be true to yourself, but have fun."

- Kim Hobson, owner of Alice Blue

"Whether we like it or not, people judge others by how they look. Your clothes say who you are to other people. If you're put together or sloppy, people automatically transfer that look to how you live your life, your work ethic...but when you're wearing that outfit you love and feel great in, you act like it."

- Ani Yacoubian, Buyer at Yacoubian's

"Fashion is important to me in that it tells a story about who we are and what we are about. Many people look at our line of shoes as different, sometimes even ugly, but the best brands always start out ugly and different. That is how they get your attention. Then they become popular."

- Alison Songer, owner of N2 Shoes