Corey Smith to release live album recorded at Chattanooga's Track 29

Corey Smith to release live album recorded at Chattanooga's Track 29

October 1st, 2012 by Casey Phillips in Local - Breaking News

Corey Smith has written and recorded "Chattanooga."

Corey Smith has written and recorded "Chattanooga."

About a year after his first appearance at Track 29 abruptly ended during a controversial song selection, Georgia country-blues rocker Corey Smith is gearing up to release an album recorded at the venue.

According to a Sunday entry on Smith's Twitter account, "Live in Chattanooga" will be released in "late October." The album will be the singer's sixth and was recorded during his second show at Track 29 on Sept. 14, said venue owner Adam Kinsey.

"About a week after [the show], they asked us if we were OK with him releasing it as a live CD, and we said absolutely," Kinsey said, adding that Smith's crew recorded the performance directly through the soundboard.

"We're excited about it. That night, Corey and his band sounded really good," he continued. "There was a lot of energy in the room, and Corey picked up on that and that came through in the recording."

When it's released, "Live in Chattanooga" will mark the first album recorded at the venue since it opened in September 2011. On its own, that would make the release a significant milestone for the venue, but Kinsey said it was doubly momentous given what happened during Smith's first appearance.

That show, on Sept. 2, was the venue's second since a grand opening the night before. When Smith began singing his song "F--- the Po Po," the sound abruptly was cut off and the lights turned on, angering the crowd and providing inspiration for a subsequent protest song, "Chattanooga," which Smith penned days after the incident.

Kinsey said Smith returning to the venue after that incident had the crowd at a fever pitch, which probably contributed to the singer's exuberant performance.

"I think that might be one of the reasons there was so much energy in the crowd and why that transferred over to Corey and vice versa," Kinsey said. "That's something that's part of our history."