Two young men rescued from Little River in Alabama

Two young men rescued from Little River in Alabama

April 23rd, 2013 by Staff Report in Local - Breaking News

DeKalb County emergency services rescued two young men from the Little River Monday evening, according to a news release.

The rescue team included members of the National Park Service, Fisher Rescue Squad, Adamsburg Volunteer Fire Department and other organizations.

After establishing anchor points and hauling systems, rescue swimmers were lowered into the water and swam across to the two boys huddle together. The water temperature was just 64 degrees and the air temperature was rapidly dropping below 60 degrees.

Rescuers, fearing hypothermia, worked quickly to move the two boys to the opposite bank, where EMS personnel evaluated them before turning them over to their eager mothers, the release said.

The boys told rescuers they were hiking along the river when they found a spot that looked safe to cross to the opposite bank. While attempting to do so, the powerful water swept their feet out from under them and they were carried downstream to Martha's Falls.

Luckily, the two were able to reach the bank before going over the falls. They hiked back to the Little River Falls, but couldn't climb up the bank.

Charlotte Hatton and Barbara Johnson saw the pair from the boardwalk area and called 911.

According to Little River Canyon Superintendent Gail Bishop, this is the second rescue from Little River this month.