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Santory Johnson

A 35-year-old Chattanooga man faces a possible indictment after a preliminary hearing for his murder charge this morning.

Santory Johnson was charged in the Oct. 4 shooting death of Christopher Jones, Jr., 24.

A witness who testified this morning said that Johnson shot once at Jones as he stood near his car on the 4000-block of Chandler Ave. during a party at Johnson's house.

Jones asked Johnson why he shot at the car, which contained Jones' cousin, grandmother and friends.

Johnson apologized and Jones left with the others in the car.

Some time later, the witness testified, Jones returned to the party and went to Johnson.

He asked why he disrespected him by shooting at his family.

Johnson told Jones to leave and that he almost had gotten himself killed.

Jones said he "loved his family" and he "would die for his family," the witness testified.

Johnson followed Jones to his car, fired at least twice through the passenger window. He walked around to the driver's side and fired two to three more times, striking Jones.

Jones died afterward at an area hospital.

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