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Marion County Mayor David Jackson, right, and City Attorney Billy Gouger attend a meeting in this file photo.

KIMBALL, Tenn. - Soon, when a car accident occurs inside the city limits here, those involved will be able to purchase the crash report online.

The Kimball Board of Mayor and Alderman voted to accept the state-approved company Appriss in Louisville, Ky., for the sale of the online accident reports. On Thursday, the board voted unanimously to ratify a contract with the company after it had been signed by police Chief Tommy Jordan.

Officials said Kimball will receive $4 for each report sold on the website. Reports cost $10 each whether purchased on the website or at the Kimball police station.

The contract requires Kimball police to give out "tear pads" at each accident scene that gives those involved information on how to get the report, Sergeant Chris Webb said.

Those tear pads are provided by Appriss, he said.

Also, the city must put a link on its website that will direct people to the Appriss site.

"They can sell online to people out of state, but if somebody who's actually in town comes in and wants to buy one, we can still sell them here," Webb said.

When reports are amended, an updated report is automatically sent to people who have bought them previously, he said.

City Attorney Billy Gouger said he hasn't seen anything in the contract that would cause him to say "don't do it" to city leaders.

The money from the sale of the reports will be submitted through automatic deposit each month to a bank account designated by Kimball, he said.

Webb said most law enforcement agencies in Marion County already use the Appriss website.

"So far, they haven't had any complaints and have said everything is working good for them," he said. "It's not going to change anything for us on our end. It's actually going to take a little work off of the [City Hall office staff]. We just submit it, and we're done with it."

Officials said local law enforcement agencies are being encouraged by the state to use the program but are not required to do so.

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