Sunroof manufacturer expands north of Atlanta, adding 100 jobs

Sunroof manufacturer expands north of Atlanta, adding 100 jobs

February 27th, 2014 by Dave Flessner in Local - Breaking News

A supplier of car sunroofs announced today that it will expand its production plant in Cherokee County, Ga., and add another 100 jobs.

Inalfa Roof Systems, a leading global maker of vehicle roof systems, will add 45,000 square feet to its recently completed 165,000-square-foot regional headquarters in southwest Cherokee County, where 300 workers are already employed. The $6 million project follows the selection of the initial Inalfa plant selection in Cherokee County as the Georgia Deal of the Year award from state officials.

"With this significant expansion, it's clear that Cherokee County is an ideal location for Inalfa Roof Systems," Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal said in a statement today. "In its relatively short time in Georgia, Inalfa Roof Systems has proven to be a true team player for economic development in the region. This expansion demonstrates the company's confidence in our No. 1 business climate."

The southwest Cherokee facility is located off I-75 at Cherokee 75 Corporate Park, about 80 miles south of Chattanooga. Deal said the facility is in close proximity to automotive manufacturers located throughout the Southeast.

The addition will add a bi-processed injection molding operation to place black lining around the Inalfa sunroofs.

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