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Defendant Devontavious Bryant, center, removes his tie and untucks his pants as he is led out of the courtroom after being found guilty of aggravated rape and robbery Thursday in Judge Don Poole's courtroom at the City/County Courts Building. Bryant was found guilty of aggravated rape and robbery in the 2012 rape of a jogger near Finley Stadium and faces a sentence of 15-25 years for aggravated rape and 3-6 years for robbery.

The 20-year-old convicted Thursday of aggravated rape in a 2012 assault near Finley Stadium faces up to 31 years in prison.

Devontavious Bryant was stoic as the jury foreman read the verdicts after a three-day trial: guilty of aggravated rape and robbery. He loosened his tie and hung his head.

After a day and a half of testimony from state's witnesses including the victim, Bryant was the only person his attorney, Joshua Weiss, called to the stand. Weiss asked Bryant if he had done what the state charged.

"No sir," Bryant told his attorney. "I didn't rape that woman."

Bryant said he and co-defendant Deacon Williams went together to City Cafe around 4:30 a.m. on the morning of Oct. 12, 2012. They got fries and soda. When they left, Bryant gave back a yellow jacket and afro wig he had borrowed from Williams at the beginning of the night.

That jacket and wig were crucial to the state's case because the victim told jurors she remembered a man in a yellow jacket choking her from behind and later raping her.

City Cafe video shows Bryant in those clothes before the attack. About an hour later, video taken outside the Chattanooga Convention Center shows two young black men on bikes, one wearing a yellow jacket and afro wig, following the woman.

Bryant said he had given back the bike he borrowed from Deacon Williams and a phone later found at the scene, too. He said the man on the second video was not him. After eating, he went to a friend's house and fell asleep.

"I went to Miracle's house, and that's where I stayed," Bryant said.

Bryant held that line under Assistant District Attorney General Cameron Williams' cross-examination. Williams pointed to pictures of the crime scene several times, calling it the place where Bryant raped the woman. Bryant often corrected him.

During closing arguments, Weiss tried to discredit the state's investigation. He argued that footprints disturbed the scene, off Reggie White Boulevard near Finley Stadium, and that investigators didn't properly protect items at the scene, such as a cell phone, pink panties and a condom, from rain.

He pointed to statements the woman made on a video taken just after the attack. She called it a "half-assed" attack.

"It was a half-assed rape, and it was a half-assed investigation," Weiss said.

But Cameron Williams said the woman's testimony Wednesday left no room for interpretation.

"She left no doubt," he said. "She left no doubt that this man raped her."

District Attorney General Neal Pinkston provided one last bit of evidence at the end of his arguments. Condom wrappers found at the scene and in Williams' house had the same lot number as wrappers found in Bryant's bedroom.

Bryant told Cameron Williams he and his friends got condoms from the same free clinic.

"What mathematical odds would that be?" Pinkston asked. "Is it just some coincidence?"

Judge Don Poole set a sentencing hearing for Jan. 5.

As the jury filed out of the courtroom, Bryant pulled off his tie. Court officers flanked him as he walked toward the door. Before he had even left the courtroom he was shrugging off his jacket and shaking his head.

Williams, 18, the other man accused in the attack, pleaded no contest last week to a charge of rape and guilty to a plea of robbery. Under a plea agreement, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison without the possibility of parole on the rape charge, and six years, to be served at the same time as the other sentence, for the robbery.

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