Shooting victims identified

Golden Gateway

Carousel Road

Central Avenue

A week of shootings

Oct. 20 - 2300 Wilson Street - Apprentice Dewayne Berry, 20, is shot multiple times and dies from his injuries around 11 p.m.

Oct. 22 - 404 Tunnel Blvd. - At 1:21 p.m., Kenny Hall, 24, was shot multiple times and died from his injures.

Oct. 22 - 4628 Oakwood Drive - At 4:54 p.m., a 17-year-old boy and 16-year-old girl were each shot once. Potential suspects were taken into custody at the time. The injuries were not life-threatening.

Oct. 25 - 1406 Carousel Road - At 9:11 p.m., Travis Rivers, 22, and Zachary Spralling, 21, were shot and suffered minor and not life-threatening injuries. The suspect vechicle was described as burgandy.

Oct. 26 - 1205 Grove Street - At 3 a.m., two people, Nathan James Reese, 30, and Anthony Dijaun Visher, 20, were found suffering from gunshot wounds. Both were in critical condition a day after the shooting.

Oct. 26 - 202 W. 38th Street - At 3 p.m., police found Kevin LeVerne Smith, 41, suffering from a gunshot wound that was not life-threatening. Nadia Renee Hatten/Brooks, 37, was charged with attempted first-degree murder in what police called a domestic violence incident.

Oct. 27 - Central Avenue - At 4:10 a.m., police found shooting victim Terrence Lebron Bivens, 28, dead on Central Avenue.

At least four shootings have injured six people in Chattanooga over the past 31 hours.

The shootings occurred less than 24 hours after a Saturday conference, entitled "Call to Action," aimed at combating violence in the community.

That community gathering was preceded by a city Violence Reduction Initiative meeting Thursday between 20 violent offenders and law enforcement, clergy and social service representatives in hopes of persuading the offenders to reform their lifestyle.

In spite of those meetings aimed at curbing violence, two people were critically injured by bullets in the Golden Gateway Apartments complex at around 3 a.m. Sunday. A man standing near a mailbox in the 1400 block of Carousel Road was shot at around 9 Saturday night, and another shooting happened in Alton Park at 202 W. 38th St. Sunday afternoon, neighbors said.

Dr. Everlena Holmes, a panelist at the Call to Action conference, said during the event that it was just the beginning of the initiative.

Saturday's meeting called for a partnership between the police department and residents in fighting crime, Dr. Holmes said.

The plan to reduce crime will work if people in the community play a role in helping identify people who commit crimes and bring them to justice, she said.

Golden Gateway resident Ray Bonner said he hopes police catch the person who shot his neighbor early Sunday morning, but another man who knew the victim to be a "good worker" didn't want to be identified.

Bonner said he didn't see anything Sunday morning, but heard rounds of gunfire and could hear his friend scream.

"He was outside just hollering for his life. The guy was begging," Bonner said of the victim, who has not yet been identified by police.

The man's son was visiting for the weekend and was in bed asleep inside when the shooting occurred, Bonner said, and was unharmed. Outside, on the front porch at 1205 Grove St. where his father had been sitting, a large puddle of blood collected. Everybody thought the victim was dead because the ambulance came late, said Bonner.

A press release said the victim was listed in critical condition after being taken to a hospital.

Bonner said a female was also shot on Grove Street, but had no further information about her. Chattanooga Police Department did not confirm the information, releasing only that two people had been shot in the 1200 block of Grove Street around 3 a.m. and that both were listed in critical condition.

Police also released that a person had been shot in the 1400 block of Carousel Road Saturday night and had sustained minor injuries.

Residents on Carousel Road said a shooter in a burgundy vehicle fired on a man holding a child and standing near a mailbox at 1410 Carousel Road. The man was shot but the child was unharmed, according to residents.

In the weekend's fourth shooting, the victim suffered from non-life threatening injuries and was transported non-emergency to a local hospital, according to the Chattanooga Police Department news release.

The latest shooting took place at 4:10 a.m. on Central Avenue.

Police gave no further updates about the shootings at press time, but said law enforcement officials will schedule an interview today to release more information.

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