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Ben Brewer, the semi-truck driver involved in the I-75 accident in June that killed six people, was arrested in Lexington, Ky. on Friday night, according to the Chattanooga police department.

He was arrested on Sir Barton Way, a street in Lexington. Brewer is being held in the Fayette County Jail in Kentucky. He's considered a fugitive from Tennessee, so a "holder" has been placed on him, an official from the jail said, meaning essentially there is no bond.

"He's not getting out," he said.

The official also said Tennessee authorities will come to Fayette County to pick up Brewer. When that will happen is not known at this time.

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The case to indict truck driver Benjamin Brewer, who caused a wreck that killed six people on I-75 in June, was put together more quickly than it might have otherwise and not later.

Brewer, 39, was a wanted man since Monday when a Hamilton County grand jury indicted him on six counts of vehicular homicide, four counts of reckless aggravated assault, driving under the influence of narcotics, speeding and making false reports about his duty status.

If convicted, each count of vehicular homicide carries between eight and 30 years in jail as well as a $25,000 fine, according to Tennessee state law.

Allegations of Brewer's misconductdrug use and driving history surfaced quickly after the June 25 crash, and both Brewer and the company he drove for have, so far, been sued twice by citizens involved in the wreck.

Brewer was on duty for about 50 consecutive hours in the three days leading up to the crash, according to a preliminary report released Monday by the National Transportation Safety Board. He had driven for 15 consecutive hours before crashing in Chattanooga, according to the report.

On Monday, officers went to Brewer's residence in London, Ky., which is about an hour south of where he was arrested in Lexington. Authorities were unsuccessful in finding him there. In efforts to find Brewer, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation's placed him on its Top 10 Most Wanted list.

As well as facing criminal charges, Brewer faces two civil suits of $10,000,000 and $12,500,000 apiece. 

"The United States Marshals Service and Kentucky authorities have Benjamin Brewer in custody in Lexington, Kentucky," a release from the Chattanooga police said. "Brewer will be extradited to Chattanooga, Tennessee where he will await trial on 13 counts including six counts of Vehicular Homicide  in relation to the multiple fatality traffic crash that occurred on I-75 North Bound on June 25."

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