Aerial view of Signal Mountain

There are several things most locals would agree the town of Signal Mountain is known for: good schools, nice views of the Tennessee River Gorge, and speeding tickets, just to name a few. But rednecks?

The website RoadSnacks recently released its list of the "10 Most Redneck Cities in Tennessee," and many residents may be surprised to learn Signal Mountain's position on the full list of 105 cities, ranking 44th.

The site evaluated Tennessee towns with populations greater than 500 using Yelp and Wal-Mart's store locator to rank the cities based on criteria taken from redneck stereotypes as well as criteria based on the dictionary definition.

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Signal Mountain tile

Dictionary definition categories were:

* Small towns

* Least amount of high school graduates

* Lives in the South

Stereotypical categories were:

* Number of dive bars per city

* Number of dentists per capita

* Number of tobacco stores per city

* Number of guns of ammo stores per city

* Number of Wal-Marts per capita

Signal Mountain's ranking may appear to be incorrect, especially considering the town's lack of dive bars or a single Wal-Mart, but the site included data from not only within town limits, but also within a short driving distance, "for the sake of getting reliable numbers."

These surrounding communities also landed on the list: Those determined to be "less redneck" than Signal Mountain include Athens (47th), Chattanooga (50th), East Ridge (81st), Collegedale (85th), Red Bank (86th) and Harrison (91st). "More redneck" communities are Dayton (14th) and Cleveland (32nd).