The testimony of an eyewitness who's already been charged with lying under oath occupied much of the third day of Stephen "Dollar Bill" Mobley's Hamilton County murder trial.

Constance Taylor spent more than three hours in the witness box and told the jury she was with Mobley the night he shot Gregory Watkins. She looked stoic, even bored, as she described arranging a drug deal between Mobley, her cousin by marriage, and Watkins a few weeks before the shooting.

Mobley wasn't satisfied with the quality of the cocaine he purchased, she said, and so she arranged a second meet-up at her mother's house. Then Watkins moved the meeting to the Conoco on Brainerd Road, she said.

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Stephen Mobley

Taylor said Mobley and his girlfriend picked her up that night and drove to the gas station, where Mobley shot Watkins nine times, killing him. Mobley's girlfriend, Lashonda Gonzalez, was injured.

That story differed from what she initially told police about the events of June 1, 2012. The first time police questioned her, she said she saw the shooting from the turn lane of a road near the Conoco station. She also lied on the stand at a 2013 preliminary hearing. She said she was scared to tell the truth.

Taylor was charged with giving false reports after her initial interview. On Wednesday, defense attorney John Wysong suggested she lied to curry favor with the prosecutor's office, and he asked why the jury would believe someone who was an acknowledged liar.

"Would you trust you?" Wysong asked. "Would you trust a liar?"

"No, sir," Taylor replied.

Assistant District Attorney General Lance Pope pointed out that even in her early, false descriptions of what she saw, Taylor has always identified Mobley as Watkins' killer.

During testimony Tuesday, Watkins' girlfriend, Gonzalez, testified that she saw someone jump out of a white car and shoot both her and her boyfriend. But Gonzalez initially identified Stephen Hill as the shooter, delaying Mobley's arrest for more than a year.

In 2005, Mobley was convicted on a lesser charge of manslaughter in a College Hill Courts shooting. He served six years in prison and was released in 2010.

Judge Barry Steelman recessed the criminal court for the day during Chattanooga police Detective Lucas Wheeler's cross-examination by the defense. The trial is expected to resume today.

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This story was updated Feb. 16, 2015. The defense attorney's name is John Wysong, not Charlie Wysong as previously stated.