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Justin Armour

A 23-year-old Chattanooga man has been charged with criminal homicide after police say he beat a 15-year-old pregnant girl and killed the baby she was carrying.

Police say Justin Armour attacked the girl on Tuesday in a vacant house near 2201 East 3rd Street. She gave birth to the stillborn baby — who Armour fathered — early Wednesday morning.

Medical staff believe the baby died because of trauma from the assault, according to police. The girl was five months pregnant.

The girl and Armour had a history of domestic violence. The girl, who will not be identified by the Times Free Press because she is a minor, had an active order of protection against Armour when the attack occurred, according to court records.

The girl initially told patrol officers that she was walking with Armour and they got into a fight on the street, but investigators later discovered that the girl actually met Armour in the vacant house.

Armour locked the girl in a bedroom and beat her repeatedly throughout the day and into the night, according to police.

The girl told police Armour refused to let her leave. The girl also said Armour kneed her in the mouth, punched her in the ribs and knocked her unconscious. She said she woke up to find him kicking her in the stomach, according to the affidavit.

The girl said she tried to protect her unborn child but was unable to get away.

Armour has been charged with criminal homicide, domestic assault and false imprisonment. Police expect to file more charges as the investigation continues. He is being held in the Hamilton County Jail on a $750,000 bond.

The baby's body will be taken to the Hamilton County Medical Examiner's Office for a complete autopsy.


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