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Courtney High

The suspect in the June 12 shooting death of 22-year-old Jerrica Jackson was arrested early Thursday morning.

Cortney Lebron High, 25, was charged with first degree murder after a witness provided a detailed account of the murder that was allegedly told to him by High himself. The witness said High showed up at his Atlanta home bragging about the murder, saying he killed Jackson over gang-related issues.

According to the witness, High said he hid in the bushes at a home on the 4600 block of Trailwood Drive waiting for Jackson to arrive home and approached the driver's side of her car with a gun wrapped in a shirt once she was in the driveway.

He said High admitted to shooting Jackson multiple times, describing her body as "jerking" while he shot her in the face.

The testimony of the Atlanta witness was supported by evidence gathered at the scene, as well as additional statements by others with knowledge of the crime, according to court records.

Witnesses said they saw a black man with dreadlocks and a brown suit retrieve a long gun from a gold Chevy Impala parked in front of Jackson's home approximately 30 to 40 minutes before she was killed.

Another witness at a different location stated High was wearing a brown "Dickie" suit hours before the murder.

Authorities confirmed that High's girlfriend purchased a 9mm rifle on May 21 which he had access to and, after seizing the girlfriend's Chevy Impala, police found an empty 9 mm shell casing in the back seat area.

Phone records confirmed that people inside the home, acquaintances of High, called Jackson approximately an hour before she was murdered, and another witness said they were with Jackson when she received that call, during which she was asked to return home.

Authorities also confirmed High fled to the Atlanta area after the shooting.

High has a long criminal history in Hamilton County and has been charged with offenses ranging from aggravated assault to arson.