Staff Photo by Dan Henry / The Chattanooga Times Free Press- 7/19/16. Taylor Satterfield appears before Judge Don Poole on a 2014 charge of First Degree Murder during jury selection at the Hamilton County Courts Building on Monday, July 18, 2016.

They left her apartment together, arriving at Howard School around 9:30 in the morning. Taylor Satterfield drove Breasia Hubbard's bronze Dodge Durango. Hubbard, then an 18-year-old high school senior, said she went to class.

Hubbard said Satterfield planned to go home, take a shower. Home meant Highland Park, near 12th and Holly streets.

But prosecutors say Satterfield drove to College Hill Courts, where he fatally shot the mother of his children, Keiara Patton, 20, during an argument in her apartment on May 13, 2014. Afterward, he fled to dispose of evidence, they said.

Satterfield, now 22, walked into Hamilton County Criminal Court on Tuesday dressed in a white button-down shirt and a tie for the opening day of his first-degree murder trial. Seated between his public defenders, Coty Wamp and Ted Engel, Satterfield watched as prosecutors called numerous witnesses who placed him at the scene.

When Satterfield was arrested in May 2014, he told different stories: First, that Patton had texted him May 12 to say she was kicking him out of her apartment. When Satterfield arrived the next morning, he found Patton dead on the kitchen floor.

When the investigator told him a witness discredited that story, Satterfield then said he went to Patton's apartment, upset over the breakup and threatening suicide with his .40-caliber gun.

Patton struggled with him and the gun went off.

Finally, as Engel said during opening statements, Satterfield told a different story: Patton was fed up with him and rushed him with a kitchen knife. Satterfield fired in self-defense.

"He's lied once, he's lied twice, he's lied three times. Why wouldn't he lie a fourth?" Engel asked the jury. "But look at the evidence. It will show she was fed up, that she charged Taylor, and that tragedy ensued."

Hubbard's testimony shed light on why Patton was fed up.

By May 2014, Hubbard and Satterfield had been in a relationship for a year and a half. She was his girlfriend — and so was Patton.

She and Patton didn't frequently speak, Hubbard said. But on Mother's Day, Patton saw a text message intended for Satterfield and started responding. She was mad, so Hubbard called her.

Over the next four hours, their conversation wavered between the nice and the hateful. The end message: Patton was annoyed Satterfield was seeing them at the same time, Hubbard said.

Patton also told her she'd purchased two knives, Hubbard said.

"She said she was going to stab him because she was tired of him going back and forth," Hubbard said.

During his examination, prosecutor Cameron Williams grilled Hubbard, now 20, over her differing accounts to police.

After she heard about the shooting, Hubbard went to College Hill Courts. She told a homicide detective she and Satterfield weren't together. Then she said Patton had only discussed positive things the last time they spoke. Finally, she lied about her and Satterfield's ride from earlier that morning, saying she had picked him up when she saw him walking in Highland Park.

Williams asked how many times Hubbard had spoken to Satterfield since the slaying. She saw him once, she said, on Father's Day, and spoke to him on the phone six times.

"So," Williams said, "now you're telling the truth?"

Hubbard nodded.

"You've got a tattoo on your arm," Williams pointed out. "What's it say?"

"Taylor," Hubbard said.

"The father of your child?" Williams asked.


The trial continues today in Judge Don Poole's Criminal Court at 9:15 a.m.

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