Notre Dame HIgh student Zach Leath, right, enjoys ice skating with his older sister, Jessica, on her birthday Friday at Ice on the Landing. "I just finished my exams at UTK yesterday, so this is fun time," Leath said as she and her brother circled the rink.

The Ice on the Landing skating attraction will be back this winter, but it will have a new home.

The temporary outdoor rink, managed by local event producer Chattanooga Presents, will move from The Green near Ross's Landing to the Glenn Miller Gardens at the Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Chattanooga Presents will continue to manage the operation. President Carla Pritchard said while the site by the river had some positives, like being good for the businesses nearby and the community, "It just wasn't the right spot."

Maintenance costs such as caring for or replacing the sod from the water run-off from the ice and foot traffic, for example, was expensive.

"And, the Choo Choo is a beautiful, trendy place these days with so much going on," she said. "They have the gas lanterns and it means no more portable bathrooms, an indoor place for birthday parties and they have Santa and the city's largest indoor Christmas tree."

She also mentioned improved parking and the Victorian look and feel of the gardens.

"I think it is the perfect place," she said.

The Choo Choo used to have an indoor skating rink located inside what is now Track 29, but it closed in the 1980s. Choo Choo President Adam Kinsey said he believes putting the rink in the gardens is a good fit and one that came together quickly.

"I think it all came together in 10 days or so," he said. "I think Ice on the Landing is an awesome amenity, and a perfect home for it is the gardens. We already do so much for the holidays, and this is a perfect addition."

The rink will be just slightly smaller than the 60-by-100-foot rink used last year. The new rink will be 40-by-140 feet. To make room, the 30-year-old concrete stage will be removed, as will about 20 feet of the gardens' hedges.

"I've wanted to use the space more, and this will allow us to have more of the green and use it for bigger events, after the rink is done." Kinsey said.

Pritchard said the rink will open Nov. 18 and run through Jan. 16 with the same schedule and ticket price as in 2015. It also will continue to be called Ice on the Landing.

"The place where passengers got on and off the trains is called a landing," Pritchard said. "It still works."

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