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Carol Berz

Carol Berz has announced she will seek re-election to the Chattanooga City Council District 6 seat.

District 6 represents Brainerd, Brainerd Hills, Concord and portions of Harrison, Ooltewah and Tyner.

"I promised that if I was fortunate enough to win my first election, I'd work hard on behalf of those sending me to City Hall," Berz said. "It's an honor I don't take lightly and, when re-elected, I'll continue the commitment."

Berz has served as the district's representative since 2009, when she defeated incumbent Marti Rutherford. She ran unopposed in 2013.

She said she considers the placement of the new Family Justice Center within District 6 as a big opportunity.

"Once the new center opens, we will be able to address the critical needs of the people who are at the lowest places in their lives," Berz said.

Berz described District 6 as "a district of change" that benefits from her collaborative efforts with the public and private sector.

She cites those collaborations as a key factor in the district's "surge in economic growth and revitalization, job creation and updated zoning practices that help protect the integrity of neighborhood and improve the quality of life."

"We face our challenges and work together for the best interest of everyone," Berz said. "It's what makes our community such a great place to live, work and play."

She served as the City Council chairwoman from April 2015 to April 2016. She now is chairwoman of the body's Budget and Finance Committee and co-chairwoman of the Mayor's Council for Women.

Berz, a civil and family mediator, is the CEO of Private Dispute Resolution Services, located with District 6.

Elections for the Chattanooga mayor and City Council members will be held March 7, in accordance with the city charter.

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