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A screenshot of the Chattanooga Klown Facebook page.

Chattanooga police say there is no credible threat from a Facebook page created over the weekend that featured a creepy character called the "Chattanooga Klown" who threatened to kill people.

The Facebook page was apparently created Sunday under the name "Chattanooga Klown." On the page, the character threatened to kill children at bus stops.

The page was only briefly up and was removed by Monday afternoon, police said. It's not clear whether the creator or Facebook took the page down.

Investigators believe there is not a credible threat from the Facebook page. It appears the page may have been created by a juvenile copy-cat after several people reported seeing clowns in the woods of South Carolina in August, police said.

Chattanooga police have not received any reports of people dressed as clowns, communications coordinator Elisa Myzal saidTuesday.

However, she added that the department takes all threats seriously. Anyone who spots a clown in an unusual place or attempting to lure children should call 911, she said.

She added that parents should know where their children are at all times, encourage children to play in groups and instruct children not to talk to or accept anything from strangers.

Multiple other area law enforcement agencies said Tuesday that they've recently received reports of people dressed up in clown suits, including the Grundy County Sheriff's Office and the Fort Oglethorpe Police Department.

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum said the reports of clown sightings were proven to be false.

Both agencies noted that there have been many similar reports across the country, and warned that anyone who falsely reports a clown sighting will be prosecuted criminally.

Fort Oglethorpe police also said anyone who dressed in any type of costume and attempted to "chase, lure, or cause fear" to people would also face criminal prosecution.

Police noted that dressing up as a scary clown and chasing people is inherently dangerous "and could result in serious injury or death."

"You have to be an absolute idiot to dress up like a 'scary clown' and run around Grundy County scaring people," Shrum said. "If you are thinking about doing this, you better think again. If you have done this, don't call the sheriff's office when you scare someone and they snatch up your clown hind-end."

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