Tennessee American Water employees work to repair a valve.
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Tennessee American Water employees work to repair a valve.

UPDATE at 9:45 p.m.: Water has been restored to affected customers.

Customers are no longer being asked to refrain from using water for non-essential purposes. 

Tennessee American Water workers put in an emergency connection and a temporary pipe at the site of the broken valve, according to a release from a company spokesperson. 


Customers in East Brainerd, East Ridge, Highway 58 and Lakeview, Georgia are experiencing low water pressure or no water service while Tennessee American works to repair a broken 24-inch valve. 

Because the valve cannot be opened, it is affecting the water flow for two of the water system's pressure zones east of Missionary Ridge, the company said in a news release.

Tennessee American Water does not have an estimate on completion of the repair, but "we will be working safely and as quickly as possible," said Kevin Kruchinski, director of operations for Tennessee American Water. 

Residents are being asked to restrict non-essential water usage as Tennessee American Water works on a repair. 

"We need all customers, larger users and small users alike, to use water wisely while we complete the repair," said Kruchinski.  "The water restrictions will be lifted when we are finished with the repair."

The company said it notified residents via phone on Tuesday evening of the possible service disruption. 

"Our ultimate goal is to replace the broken valve.  We are working safely to restore water service to all customers as soon as possible," said Kruchinski. "While we are actively working through a solution, the water pressure and outages may continue off and on and affect different areas, depending on where we are working," 

The company asks that customers avoid outdoor watering, filling swimming pools and washing cars or children using a hose or sprinkler for fun. This request does not pertain to essential water use by residents. 


Tips from Tennessee American Water to help customers use water wisely during the water restrictions:

* Do not water lawns, wash cars or fill swimming pools.
* Don't allow children to play with the hose or sprinklers -- just for fun.
* Use a broom -- not a hose -- to clean porches and driveways.
* Check faucets and pipes for leaks. Even the smallest drip from a worn showerhead can waste 20 or more gallons of water per day.
* Run dishwashers and washing machines only when full – and necessary.
* When washing dishes by hand, don't run water freely to rinse. Instead, fill a second sink with rinse water.
* Don't let the faucet run while you clean fruits and vegetables. Rinse them in a filled sink or pan of water.