This photo provided by McDonald's shows a breakfast Happy Meal. McDonald's is considering another addition to its all-day breakfast menu: Happy Meals. The fast-food chain says it will begin testing breakfast Happy Meals in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Sept. 26. The Happy Meals come with either two McGriddles cakes or an egg and cheese McMuffin.(McDonalds via AP)

Restaurant report card for March 2


Roaches and flies in the kitchen at a Chattanooga McDonald's weren't enough for the restaurant to fail its health inspection. 

A Hamilton County health inspector found that employees at the McDonald's on Sequoyah Access Road didn't wash their hands after handling raw meat, and instead began handling utensils and touching other surfaces in the kitchen. 

In addition to roaches and flies in the kitchen, the inspector found that the inside of the restaurant's coolers were dirty, a dirty rag was left on the food preparation counter, an ice bucket was stored on the floor, and cigarette butts were found on the floor of the outdoor storage shed. 

The restaurant received a 70. Anything below a 70 is considered failing. The restaurant eventually corrected its score to an 89. 

The health inspector also found problems at Sticky Fingers on Broad Street and the Boathouse Grill on Riverside Drive. 

At Sticky Fingers, which received a 78, the health inspector saw self-service items stored on the floor, and employees were seen stacking wet equipment and utensils. The inspector also found food debris, dirty vent hoods and observed employees touching their clothes before handling ready to eat food. 

The health inspector dinged the Boathouse Grill because the restaurant didn't track the date of oysters sold, and didn't keep a tag with raw oysters in the cooler. The inspector also found that employees didn't change gloves after closing the lid to the raw meat station, before handling bread for a sandwich. The Boathouse received an 81. 

Seven restaurants received perfect scores this week. They are:

  • Glass Street Breakfast and Lunch — Crutchfield Street
  • Papa John's — Brainerd Road
  • Urban Grind — Park Drive
  • Papa John's — Lee Highway
  • Subway — Dayton Pike
  • El Meson — Northgate Park
  • El Jinete — Little Debbie Parkway