A Signal Mountain man is facing a slew of charges in connection with a "very aggressive [domestic] assault" that left at least one woman injured.

Signal Mountain police were called to a home not far from the Signal Mountain Golf and Country Club on Aug. 7 where they spoke to a woman who said she'd been assaulted by a man named Jeremy Brian Schiff, according to Hamilton County court records.

She told police that Schiff, 38, arrived at the house late that night. When she confronted him about some text messages, he "became aggressive and angry," court records state.

Schiff tried to take her phone away, and when she kept him from taking it, he began to hit her repeatedly in the head. He eventually took the woman's phone and one belonging to a child in the house and smashed them both.

some text Jeremy Brian Schiff

The woman then tried to get away by running up stairs, according to records, but Schiff caught her and "shoved her into a mirror, sending glass all over the hallway and causing multiple deep lacerations" on the woman's body.

At that point, two children in the home noticed what was happening and hid in a bathroom "to avoid being hurt in the chaos."

Schiff then "went down the hallway in a rage throwing down mirrors and breaking every picture [frame]."

The children eventually were able to escape and hid in the woods until Schiff left and then ran to a neighbor's house to call 911, records state.

When police arrived, they walked through the home and found that "the entire upstairs of the house had been destroyed and broken glass covered the hallway, kitchen, living room, and 3 bedrooms."

Blood was also found in multiple locations, and an exterior window had been broken. One of the cellphones was found broken on the floor of a bedroom.

Additionally, police found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun next to a bed along with about 1,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers, though police did not find any other firearms that would use the other types of ammunition.

Schiff was arrested the next day on Aug. 8. He is charged with aggravated domestic assault, domestic assault, vandalism over $2,500, false imprisonment, two counts of child abuse and neglect and two counts of interference with emergency calls.

He also faces a charge of theft of property over $10,000 because the woman told police he left the scene in her vehicle without her permission.

Schiff is scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 17.

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