Police in Winchester, Tennessee, say officers visiting a local gun range were shot at during training Monday, triggering an area search for a shooter.

"Nobody was hurt and I'm glad about that," police Chief Richard Lewis said Wednesday. "It sounds like it was an isolated incident."

It's been a busy time at the gun range lately, according to Winchester police Capt. Jeff Miller.

"We are qualifying [to maintain certification as active law enforcement] this week," said Miller, who is among officers undergoing the training.

There were five officers on the range in the neighboring town of Decherd on Monday and they had just finished their training, Miller said. The shooting range is near a wooded area behind the Decherd Water Treatment plant, in a rural area a little south of town.

"They heard shots fired," Miller said. "They advised me that they heard what they thought were bullets hitting the trees behind them and they took cover. Some of the guys are military vets, and they could actually hear the bullets flying over their heads."

Miller, who said he has heard the sound in the past, described the sound as a "buzzing, hissing" noise.

An immediate search of a nearby wooded area produced no suspects or spent shell casings, he said.

So far, there are no suspects.

Miller said the officers weren't sure whether the shots were intentionally fired at them or if someone mistakenly fired in their direction.

"We've used that shooting range for years and never had an incident down there," he said.

At this point, Miller said, "we're not jumping to conclusions."

Anyone with information about the incident can reach the Winchester Police Department at 931-967-3840.

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