This 1940s-era photo of six young women in a boat was found in a box of old newspaper images. If you think you know somebody in the photo, e-mail Mark Kennedy at with details.

Once upon a time, six young women were sitting in a boat.

Can you help supply the rest of the story? Who are these women, anyway? Where was the boat, and why was it there?

Lake Winnepesaukah, maybe? Chickamauga Lake?

The women did not appear to be dressed for a day at the lake, and the only things wider than their smiles were their permed, post-World War II hairstyles.

A clue: This photograph, from a collection of images at, was found in a box marked 1947. It was shot by a former Chattanooga Free Press photographer. If that timeframe is correct, these women might be in their 80s or 90s today.

Regular readers of the "Remember When, Chattanooga?" nostalgia series might recall that we sometimes ask for help captioning a "mystery photo."

So far, we are batting two-for-two.

When the Times Free Press launched the "Remember When, Chattanooga?" series back in January, our first photo was of seven unidentified teenagers sipping Coca-Colas at a concession stand.

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Alert reader Louise Picklesimer, of Harrison, Tennessee, reached out to let us know that the photo was from the 1954 Tyner High School yearbook called "The Tally-Ho." All seven people in the photo were still alive, and she was able to identify them all.

Then, in May, we published a photograph of an EPB float in the 1958 Armed Services Day Parade. It was decorated with rockets, and three women were standing on the float.

After publication, 84-year-old Margaret Dantzler, of Ringgold, Georgia, let us know she was one of the women on the float and that one of her friends, Carol Haas, was also pictured.

If our luck holds, someone will recognize this boat photo, too. If that's you, please send a note with details to so we can publish a follow-up report.

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