Chattanooga-Hamilton County, Catoosa County and Walker County health departments inspect restaurants twice a year and grade businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action. Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards. To file a health-related complaint, call:

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department: (423) 209-8110
Catoosa County Health Department: (706) 406-2030
Walker County Health Department: (706) 639-2574


70 Taco Roc

6960 Lee Highway; Reasons including active managerial control over foodborne illness risk factors not provided during time of inspection. Mulitple Red Peppers stored in walk in cooler with fungal growth. No date marking of TCS foods throughout facility.  Fried peppers left out to cool at room temperature for majority of inspection. Frozen bacon left out to thaw at room temperature for majority of inspection. Foods held in reach in component of low boy unit not covered. Multiple in use utensils stored imbedded in various ingredients in kitchen area. Rear panel of ice machine dirty. Numerous wet cardboard boxes piled up outside by rear facility entrance. 


77 Sonic Drive-In

3907 Brainerd Road; Reasons including inside ice machine has build up, on side wall where ice reaches and in chute. Drain board sanitizer side of triple sink, soiled. Wall above sink has black mildew/mold. Raw bacon left in box on top of hood over grill, above 41. Unfinished board on wall in back will allow insect harborage, panel on floor allows rodent harborage.Voids in walls allow insect harborage. Ceiling and walls bad repair allows insect harborage. Gloves being worn for non food contact, then handle food without changing out gloves. Handles and common touch surfaces in kitchen are soiled. Wall and back of sink has black mildew mold, old food spillage on sanitizer side drain board. Build up on shelves, door handles, hot holding burger unit, floors.


78 Fireside Grille

3018 Cummings Highway; Reasons including demonstraition of knowledge not provided for foodborne illness risk factors at time of inpsection by PIC. Raw products stored too close to RTE foods in reach in coolers. Proper datemarking disposition not provided on expired products. Soiled wiping cloth stored on prep table. No backflow device provided on attached hose at mop sink. 


79 Kacey Home Cooking

6921 Lee Highway; Reasons including managerial control over foodborne risk factors not provided during time of inspection. Back door not closed. Large gap around door. Dishes were stored wet nested. Bottom area of hot chest dirty. Tops of sugar and flour containers dirty. Inside of ice machine dirty. Floors and walls around dishwasher area dirty.


85 Waffle House

I-24 & Us 11; Reasons including physical contaminate noted on ground beef in cooling drawer. Proper disposition of datemarked food products not provided. Advised on proper datemarking policy/procedures. Thermometer not accurate in reach in cooler. Designated areas not provided for personal items. 


90 El Metate 5

5922 Hixson Pike 


91 Zarzour's Cafe

1627 Rossville Avenue


93 El Monterrey Mexican

531 Signal Mountain Road


94 Little Caesar's

10161 Dayton Pike


95 Captain D's

2008 Gunbarrel Road


96 Wendy's

418 Cumberland Street


98 Uncle Larry's Restaurant

736 MLK Blvd.


98 Cheddar's

2014 Gunbarrel Road


98 Las Margaritas II

4604 Skyview Drive


98 Sonic Drive-In

7420 East Brainerd Road


98 Sweeney's Bar-B-Que

5928 Highway 58


98 Sweet Frog Frozen Yougurt

2288 Gunbarrel Road


98 Newk's Eatery

2380 Lifestyle Way


99 Stir

1444 Market Street


99 First Watch

1825 Gunbarrel Road


99 Downtown Dough

100 Market Street


100 Polly Claire's

6178 Adamson Circle


100 Big Jeff BBQ

4272 Bonny Oaks Drive


100 Edley's BBQ

205 Manufacturer's Road


100 Taco Mamacita

109 Market Street