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More than two weeks after the outbreak was first detected in the county, Chattanooga and Hamilton County are looking to forge a more united front on COVID-19 response through a new joint task force.

Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger announced the formation of the team to help coordinate the city and county's response to the virus outbreak late Monday.

The task force will be led by Rae Young Bond, CEO of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Medical Society, and will be used to brief the mayors as they make policy decisions to address the virus locally, according to Berke's office.

"In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic like this one, it's never been more important that we listen to experts. Mayor Coppinger and I feel the best way to continue to make our community as safe and healthy as possible is to bring everyone together," Berke said in a releass. "Our goal is to give our community timely, informed updates about our vulnerable populations, how our medical facilities are preparing, and other information related to the spread of the virus in our area." 

The group will meet weekly and brief Berke and Coppinger on the latest developments regionally, nationally and in local hospitals, medical facilities, and testing locations. 

"In an emergency situation like this there is no county or city divide, we're all one community," Coppinger said. "It's vital we keep our residents safe and healthy, and bringing together the best subject-matter experts in our local healthcare industry will help Mayor Berke and I do that." 

The formation of this group comes weeks into the disaster response which has been handled quite differently by Coppinger, who has taken a softer approach to recommending social distancing behavior, as opposed to Berke, who has issued several enforceable executive orders mandating certain behaviors to promote social distancing.

While Berke and Coppinger have both said they are working closely with each other when asked about the contrast, the task force is the first example of any joint county and city action since the pandemic struck the area.

The group also loops in representatives of the largest healthcare providers in the area, which have operated without sharing many details publicly throughout the crisis.

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Bond, who has served as an appointed spokeswoman for the area's three major hospitals throughout the crisis, suggests the group will improve upon the lack of information being shared publicly.

"We are all working around the clock to keep our community safe," Bond said in the release. "This Task Force brings all the brightest minds into one setting and it will allow us to provide more detailed information to our community on this rapidly changing situation." 

The Task Force's first meeting will be Tuesday, March 31, and meeting notes will be provided to the public at



Dr. Kelly Arnold - Founder & Clinical Director, Clinica Medicos 

Becky Barnes - Hamilton County Health Department Administrator 

Dr. Matt Gibson - President & CEO, Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation  

Dr. Timothy Grant - Chief Medical Officer, Parkridge Health System  

Dr. Martina Suttles Harris - Assistant Dean of Nursing & Allied Health at Chattanooga State Community College

Dr. Gregory Heath - Guerry Professor of Public Health, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 

Dr. Keith Helton - CEO, One to One Health

Dr. William Jackson - President & CEO, Erlanger Health System

Dr. Robert Magill - Chief of Staff, Parkridge Health System

Angel Moore Esq. - Vice President of Population Health & CEO, Erlanger Community Health Center 

Tom Ozburn - President & CEO, Parkridge Health System

Janelle Reilly - CEO, CHI Memorial Hospital  

Dr. Colleen Schmitt - President, Galen Medical Group

Dr. James Sizemore - Chief of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine, UTCOM Chattanooga and Medical Director, Infection Prevention, Erlanger Health System

Dr. Christopher Young -Vice Chief of Staff, Erlanger Health System  

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