AP Photo/Mark Humphrey / Debris is scattered from damaged homes Tuesday, April 14, 2020, in Chattanooga, Tenn. The intersection in the foreground is the meeting of Holly Hills Lane, coming from the right foreground, and Holly Crest Drive. The road looping in the background is Angie Dr. The pool is the Holly Hills Community pool. Tornadoes went through the area Sunday, April 12.

Property owners have until Monday, June 1 to register with the county for their storm debris to be picked up free of charge, according to a news release from the Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management.

Debris must be from the April 12-13 tornado-producing storms to qualify for this service.

According to the release, debris should be properly sorted and brought curbside in order to be removed as county-hired contractors are not allowed on private property.

Officials are also still in "desperate need" of volunteers for continued tornado relief efforts.

Volunteers and any property owners needing assistance with debris management clean up should call the Volunteer Reception Center at (423) 300-6592.

According to the release, FEMA guidelines for proper storm debris pickup are as follows:

        -DO NOT place debris on top of fire hydrants, utility poles, electrical boxes and storm drains

        -DO NOT place debris in front of or around a mailbox

        -DO NOT place debris in front of or around your driveway, as emergency vehicles may need to enter the area

        -DO NOT block or dump debris into the storm drains or ditches. This will cause a flood hazard

        -DO NOT place demolition homes curbside for collection by contractors hired by Hamilton County

        -DO NOT place construction debris along the right of way during rebuilding process that was not "generated" by the storm/tornado.

        -Aid contractors by sweeping access and loose debris from the street in front of your house

        -Create separate hazardous debris piles, such as paint cans, propane tanks, etc., from construction and demolition debris piles. This will aid the expedited collection of debris from the roadway

        -Drive with extreme caution in areas with large debris piles