The Chattanooga Beer & Wrecker Board on Thursday approved a special event application to sell beer for SoundCorp at 1405 Rossville Ave. during Saturday's Mainx24 event.

The board also approved applications to sell beer for Sushi City at 6921 Lee Highway and Six18 Restaurant and Lounge on Georgia Avenue in space once occupied by the Jefferson and the Brass Register.

Owner Curtis Greene said after the meeting that the restaurant will begin selling beer next week and will start opening for lunch sometime in January.

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The board also gave permission to Richard Tanner to begin manufacturing beer at 300 Cherry Street Brewing in Northshore and in the old Heaven & Ale space. Tanner told the board he would be applying for a consumer permit in about a month.

Chattanooga Police Beer Officer John Collins, a fixture at beer board meetings since 2002, said his farewells to the board, thanking them for what they do.

He also gave special praise to Bertha Lawrence, a regulatory bureau administrative support assistant.

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"Everything good you hear about Bertha, times it by 10," he said during a brief thank-you before the board. He said while he hasn't always agreed with the board's decisions, he respects what they do in trying to keep people safe. Board members over the past several meetings have praised Collins for always being fair.

After the meeting, he gave a simple answer to what is the job of the board and his department.

"We just want to create a safe environment for the citizens of Chattanooga," he said. "The No. 1 thing is safety."

Collins also introduced Sgt. Jason Wood as his replacement on cases related to city beer codes and Officer Phillip Moser as the person who will deal with wrecker applications and violations.

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In related business, the board agreed to meet with representatives of towing and wrecker services that are part of the city's call list for one hour on Jan. 20 at the beginning of its scheduled meeting. Collins had been solely responsible for beer and wrecker applications and violations before his retirement.

Collins is now co-owner of Behind the Wheel Driving Academy and will be handling much of the classroom teaching for teenagers and people with suspended licenses.

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