A Dalton State College student's comments on TikTok last week regarding racial slurs and gender identity have generated anger among students on social media.

The video was made by a student explaining her views on gender identity based on people's appearance.

"One, I am going to call you a 'he' if you look like a boy, I'm gonna call you a 'she' if you look like a girl. Until you correct me, I'm sorry but that's what you're gonna get and actually I'm not sorry because I'm not gonna apologize for it. If God made you a boy then you're a boy, if God made you a girl then you're a girl, period. There is no ifs, ands or buts, none," the student said in the video.

The student also made statements regarding her opinions on use of the N-word.

"Two, I'm going to say the N-word if I want to say the N-word. You're not going to sit there and tell me I can't. I don't believe the N-word is a racial term, and that's my beliefs. I believe if you participate in activities that an N-word does then I'm gonna call you that whether you're white, brown, black, yellow, blue, I don't care," the student said in the video.

The student did not actually say the N-word in the video, using only the euphemism.

The original video has been deleted, but re-uploads and commentary videos have been circulating since then.

Warning: The video below contains offensive language/content.


Reply to @thatdudeweird__2x Here's the full video... Blatantly transphobic AND racist #fyp

original sound - Jordan Stewart

Comments on Dalton State's social media accounts call the student's words racist and transphobic and call on the school to hold her accountable for the video.

In a written statement, a spokesperson from the college said that the college disagrees with the student's video but will not punish her for it.

"We are aware of the video that was originally posted to TikTok. We do not condone language that goes against our mission to create a safe, diverse learning environment for all students. While we do not like or agree with what was said, as a state, government-funded public institution, we must uphold the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits us from punishing protected speech," the statement said.

Lena Mitchell, an LGBT former Dalton State student, saw the video after her spouse received it in a private message. Her spouse is nonbinary and attends the school as a student and teaching assistant.

"Something like this, it's relevant and important because my spouse already has enough on their plate without having to worry about going up in front of a class full of other students that they're supposed to be responsible for and in charge of and wondering if the school's going to have their back if there's a problematic or disruptive student who's going to say things like that in the classroom, or who's going to act that way in the classroom," Mitchell said.

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