The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and grades the businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action. Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards.

To file a health-related complaint, call the Department of Environmental Health at 423-209-8110. The scores are original and do not reflect on-the-spot changes, which sometimes lead to upward adjustments.


79 Little Tokyo Express

4516 Hixson Pike

Reasons including several foodborne illness risk factors out of complaince and no person on site has an ANSI approved food safety certification. Raw meats stored above vegetables in the walk-in cooler. Fried rice holding 125°F on the cook line. Immediatley reheated to above 165°F before hot holding above 135°F. Cooked noodles holding 44°F in the low boy cooler on the cook line—must hold 41°F or below. Chicken broth held at room temp next to the grill. The broth had been there 1 hour so cook reheated broth to above 165°F before hot holding. Rice scoop held in standing room temp water. Advised to hold in water below 41°F by using ice. Tin foil lined shelves. Carbon buildup on a wok and the surrounding area.


83 Waffle House

5411 Highway 151 Ringgold, Ga.

Reasons including no paper towels in paper towels dispenser at hand washing sink in the ware washing area of kitchen. TCS food at various locations in the kitchen cold holding above 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Diced tomatoes, diced ham, and sliced tomatoes in the prep top cooler were above 41 degrees Fahrenheit.  expired milk being used.  heavy grease accumulation on the hoods vent and around the hood vent on drip pan 


87 Bojangles

4152 Ringgold Road


90 Thai Esan

4330 Ringgold Road


93 Longhorn Restaurant

129 N. Market Street


93 Huddle House

5611 Brainerd Road


94 Chick-fil-A

5830 Brainerd Road


95 Logan's Roadhouse

3592 Cummings Highway


95 Panda Express

484 Northgate Mall Road


96 Noodles & Pho

5450 Highway 153


97 The Pizza Place

1210 Taft Highway


97 Krystal

6199 Lee Highway


98 Guacamole

5600 Brainerd Road


98 Shuford's Smokehouse

3224 Dayton Blvd.


99 Baskin Robbins

6504 Ringgold Road


99 Hibachi and Wings

6933 Lee Highway


99 Frogurtland & Korean Food

9408 Apison Pike


99 The Bread Basket

2116 Taft Highway


100 California Tortilla

5215 Highway 153


100 Starbucks Coffee

2217 Hamilton Place Blvd. 


100 Il Primo

9436 Bradmore Lane


100 Bojangles

7987 East Brainerd Road


100 Hummingbird Pastaria

720 Mississippi Avenue


100 Armando's

7032 Lee Highway


100 Tasty Donuts

1414 Jenkins Road


-- Compiled by Brandi Dixon