The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department inspects restaurants twice a year and grades the businesses on a 100-point scale. Scores below 70 require corrective action. Restaurants are reinspected if they fail to meet critical standards.

To file a health-related complaint, call the Department of Environmental Health at 423-209-8110. The scores are original and do not reflect on-the-spot changes, which sometimes lead to upward adjustments.


82 Innside Restaurant

800 Chestnut Street

Reasons including active managerial control over foodborne illness risk factors not provided. Hand-washing sink not easily accessible for immediate hand-washing. Foods in glass door cooler holding at 54*F. Must be 41*F or below. Whole shelled eggs sitting out in inoperable cooler unit at 62*F. Ready-to-eat foods held >24 hours not properly datemarked. Upright freezer unit holding at 20*F. Wet wiping cloths stored on working surfaces and not in sanitizer solution. No drainboards provided for triple sink. Non food contact surfaces dirty on cookline. Floors/walls dirty behind/underneath equipment. Ceiling not properly constructed. Walls/floors in poor repair. 


84 Sonic Drive-In

3907 Brainerd Road

Reasons including employee handled phone, changing task at grill and failed to wash hands. Staff prepared sandwich with bare hands, sandwich was discarded. Build-up inside ice machine. Touch screens at grill, fryers have old build-up. Cardboard box with plastic trays stored directly on floor, was water damaged. Ice build-up inside freezer storage with uncovered food. Long hair not restrained. Base wall outside cooler damaged. Old spillage behind fryers, sinks, back prep room. Grout missing at floor tiles, water standing. 


85 Shogun Japanese Steakhouse

1806 Gunbarrel Road

Reasons including can of ketchup dented. Rice for Hibachi and sushi not time stamped. Any rice held at room temp must be labeled to ensure it is only held for 4 hours. Prepared Salad bowls stacked on top of each other and not covered. Cutting boards in bad repair. Multiple non food surfaces dirty. Employee food stored in walk-in with food for restaurant use. 


93 Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches

973 Market Street


94 Wired Coffee

5707 Main Street


96 El Meson

2204 Hamilton Place Blvd.


96 Asian Flavor Restaurant

4839 Highway 58 


97 New York Pizza Dept

5731 Highway 153


97 Mountain City Club

729 Chestnut Street


97 Kentucky Fried Chicken

2501 S. Broad Street


97 Mammie Carlotta's Tea Room

6725 Ringgold Road


99 Griffin's Footlong Hotdogs

847 E Main Street 


99 Waffle House

5466 Highway 153


99 Burger King

676 Signal Mountain Road


99 The Mad Priest Coffee Roasters

1900 Broad Street


99 Cafe on the Corner

826 Scenic Highway


100 Taco Bell

4115 Hixson Pike


100 Chicken Salad Chick

975 E Third Street


100 Pork N Deans Barbeque

2193 Park Drive 


100 Plant Power Cafe & Juice Bar

6215 Lee Highway


-- Compiled by Brandi Dixon