Photo by Tierra Hayes / The Collegedale Clocktower sits outside the Collegedale Library, police station, city hall, Imagination Station and The Commons. Collegedale was ranked the third safest city in Tennessee by in 2019.

New Collegedale City Manager Wayon Hines was approved on Monday to be paid $132,488 annually to take on not just the role of city manager, but to continue in his previous role as city engineer.

Mayor Katie Lamb and City Commissioner Phil Garver expressed concerns about Hines juggling the two positions, but the compensation package was approved in a 4-1 vote.

Before being selected as the city's next manager in May, Hines had served as city engineer since 2016. He said at Monday's meeting that continuing the additional job would prevent the city from having to look for someone new and add more value for the citizens.

"It almost sounds to me like you've decided this is really kind of like two part-time jobs," said Garver, the only commissioner to vote against the measure. "I have no doubt they'll go fine, but I really think that it would be nice for me to see you put everything into the one thing, even though I know your passion has been engineering, and I appreciate that."

Lamb expressed similar sentiments, but ultimately voted yes, saying that officials can see how it goes. She also said that Hines said in his time serving as both city engineer and interim city manager since March, about 60% of his time was dedicated to the manager position and 40% to being the engineer.

Other commissioners noted that during his 15 years, former City Manager Ted Rogers also had additional responsibilities outside of the lead role on boards and with the federal government, even though he held only one official position with the city.

"I still think there's gonna be an opportunity for Wayne to do a great job as city manager," said Tim Johnson, vice mayor, who noted that there were already prior plans in the budget for a part-time engineer position to help supplement the main role. "And if at some point he says, 'I would like to give the engineering up,' that's his decision. I would respect either way."

Commissioner Debbie Baker said the commissioners would work to make sure to hold Hines accountable and that she believed "we're gonna be OK here and if not, you're going to hear from us."

Of Hines' salary, $97,320 will come strictly from his role as city manager, while the rest will be compensation for the engineer role. Hines was previously paid $97,323 when he was just the city engineer.

Rogers started as city manager in 2006 with a salary of $72,000 and a $5,400 car allowance. By the time he announced his retirement in early 2021, he was being paid $128,315 annually, according to Kristen Boyd, human resources manager.

Hines said his first priorities on the job will be to work on branding, social media and communication for the city as well as a new strategic plan as officials look to the future of Collegedale. He is also imploring the community to take an active part in the local government and provide feedback and concerns.

"We would love to have more input from the community," he wrote in an email to the Times Free Press. "I invite everyone to attend or watch the commission meetings, reach out to staff regarding the current or future state of the city.

"If you have a question – ask it. If you have a concern – share it. We will not be able to address all things for all people. However, we will answer the communities' questions and vet the suggestions."

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