Note: This story was changed at 2:45 p.m. on March 10 to correct the number of precincts won by Monty Bruell and Chris Long.

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Chattanooga mayoral election results, top vote-getter by precinct.

A breakdown of Chattanooga voting locations from last week's Chattanooga mayoral election shows where rivals Tim Kelly and Kim White have work to do to win open precincts in the April 13 runoff.

In the general election last week, Kelly and White did the best out of the 15 candidates for mayor, but neither won a majority of the vote, pushing the two into a runoff election.

Now, Kelly and White will work to maintain their strongholds while trying to win voters and precincts that previously favored one of the 13 candidates who did not make it to the runoff.

Kelly won 26 precincts, scattered across the city including in some Downtown precincts, Eastside and St. Elmo. White won 20 precincts, including strong showings in her native Hixson, East Brainerd and Lookout Valley.

Another 23 precincts went to other candidates who are out of the race.

Defeated third-place candidate Wade Hinton won 20 precincts, but will not appear on the ballot in April, freeing those up for White or Kelly. In all but one of Hinton's precincts, Kelly got more votes than White.

Two other precincts went to fourth-place finisher Monty Bruell and seventh place Chris Long.

In all, Kelly came in second at the most precincts, 21 of which were won by someone other than White. White came in second at the next most precincts, three of which were won by someone other than Kelly.

Going into the runoff, Kelly says he will work to bring people from across Chattanooga together.

"Our campaign has always been about building bridges to bring Chattanooga together and move it forward. I am the only candidate with a 100-day plan, the only candidate with a plan for tackling disparities and creating jobs in the Black community, the only candidate with a COVID-19 recovery plan, and I am the only candidate with more than a dozen policy frameworks, all developed with equity at their core," Kelly said in a written statement Tuesday. "But this campaign has never been about me; rather, it's always been about bringing people together as One Chattanooga. We are at a crossroads and the future of Chattanooga hangs in the balance, so we look forward to bringing this message to voters all across our city in the final weeks of this campaign and working to earn every vote."

White said she's focused on outreach to new voters and encouraging turnout in April.

"We deeply appreciate those who have supported our campaign since the beginning and the opportunity to share my vision with new voters over the next five weeks," she said in a statement Tuesday. "We are focused on encouraging voters to go to the polls and make their voices heard. We look forward to Election Day and the opportunity to pursue a better Chattanooga for all."

Early voting for the runoff will run from March 24-April 8, and absentee ballot requests will be available starting on March 12. March 15 is the deadline to register to vote in the April runoff.

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