Alabama psychiatrist accused of unwarranted prescriptions

Published Jul. 12 2019

An Alabama psychiatrist has been charged with violating the Controlled Substances Act months after he was punished by the state...

Dozens vie for chance to grow medical marijuana in Utah

Published Jul. 12 2019

Utah joined 33 states in legalizing medical marijuana after voters approved a new law last year.

Alabama attorney general's office hires expert to help in abortion lawsuit

Published Jul. 12 2019

The Alabama attorney general's office is hiring a $200-per-hour litigation consultant to help defend the state's attempt to outlaw abortion.


Setbacks for Trump's drive to lower prescription drug costs

Published Jul. 12 2019

After two setbacks this week, President Donald Trump is now focusing his drive to curb drug costs on congressional efforts...

Trump directs government to revamp care for kidney disease

Published Jul. 10 2019

President Donald Trump signed an executive order directing the government to revamp the nation's care for kidney disease so that...

Tennessee officials to launch opioid awareness campaign

Published Jul. 10 2019

Tennessee health officials are launching a new public education and awareness campaign focusing on the impact of the opioid crisis.

Power outage closes North Georgia health department on Wednesday

Published Jul. 10 2019

A power outage has forced the Gilmer County (Georgia) Health Department to close today.

Fresh from the lab: Startups make meat that avoids slaughter

Published Jul. 10 2019

Uma Valeti slices into a pan-fried chicken cutlet in the kitchen of his startup, Memphis Meats. He sniffs the tender...

Health department will provide free hepatitis A vaccinations to the homeless Wednesday in Chattanooga

Published Jul. 9 2019

The Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department will provide free hepatitis A vaccinations to the members of the homeless population at the...

Validity of Obama health care law at issue in appeal hearing

Published Jul. 9 2019

With health insurance availability for millions of Americans on the line, supporters of President Barack Obama's signature health care law...

Odds of teens using marijuana dip with recreational use laws

Published Jul. 8 2019

New research suggests legalizing recreational marijuana for U.S. adults in some states may have slightly reduced teens' odds of using...

Ask the Doctor: What is the anti-angiogenic diet, and can it really cure cancer?

Published Jul. 8 2019

The anti-angiogenic diet is essentially the same as the anti-cancer diet and the anti-inflammatory diet.


Dementia tied to hormone-blocking prostate cancer treatment

Published Jul. 6 2019

Alzheimer's disease may be a risk for older prostate cancer patients given hormone-blocking treatment, a large, U.S. government-funded analysis found.

Two Minnesota students fight for prescription drug repository to redistribute unused medicine

Published Jul. 5 2019

Two University of Minnesota students are launching a prescription drug repository program to redistribute unused medications to people who are...

Diarrhea outbreaks caused by summertime parasite increase across U.S.

Published Jul. 4 2019

Outbreaks of cryptosporidium, or "crypto," increased an average of 13% each year from 2009-2017, according to a CDC report released...

State injects additional $5 million to widen mental health safety net for low-income Tennesseans

Published Jul. 3 2019

More low-income Tennesseans who lack health insurance coverage and don't qualify for TennCare are now eligible for free mental health...

6 babies, 6 staff treated for antibiotic-resistant infection in Pennsylvania

Published Jul. 2 2019

A children's hospital in western Pennsylvania says a dozen people — including six babies — are being treated for the...

Florida couple's front-yard garden legal after 6-year battle

Published Jul. 2 2019

A Miami-area couple whose front-yard vegetable garden prompted a 6-year legal battle with their village has held a ceremonial...

Another 11,500 people removed from Louisiana Medicaid rolls

Published Jul. 2 2019

Nearly 11,500 people were kicked out of Louisiana's Medicaid program at the end of June

Ask a Doctor: Surgery doesn't have to be a normal part of aging

Published Jul. 1 2019

I find it interesting how medical professionals, by the words we use, can sometimes do more harm than good and...

Tennessee judge asks state nursing board to redo opioid case

Published Jul. 1 2019

A Tennessee judge told the state's nursing board to rethink its decision to let a nurse keep practicing despite being...


Vaccine no match against flu bug that popped up near end of season

Published Jun. 27 2019

The flu vaccine turned out to be a big disappointment again.

Ex-USC gynecologist charged in sex assaults of 16 patients

Published Jun. 26 2019

The former longtime gynecologist at the University of Southern California was charged Wednesday with sexually assaulting 16 women at the...