Study: Genetic test predicts middle-aged obesity risk

Published Apr. 18 2019

Can a genetic test identify newborns at risk of becoming severely obese by middle age? Researchers say they have come...

Scientists spur some activity in brains of slaughtered pigs

Published Apr. 18 2019

Scientists restored some activity within the brains of pigs that had been slaughtered hours before, raising hopes for some medical...

Senior's weakness for scams may be warning sign of dementia

Published Apr. 15 2019

Does an older friend or relative have a hard time hanging up on telemarketers? Or get excited about a "You've...

Scientists reveal first image ever made of a black hole

Published Apr. 10 2019

Humanity got its first glimpse Wednesday of the cosmic place of no return: a black hole.

Greece opens shipwreck sites to divers as underwater museums

Published Apr. 10 2019

Near the northern Greek island of Alonissos lies a remarkable ancient shipwreck: the remains of a massive cargo ship that...

Almost 500 people in southeastern U.S. report seeing meteor

Published Apr. 4 2019

For almost 500 people in the southeastern United States, getting up early Thursday was its own reward.

Behold the beefless 'Impossible Whopper'

Published Apr. 1 2019

Would you like that Whopper with or without beef?

Measles count in U.S. this year already more than all of 2018

Published Apr. 1 2019

The number of U.S. measles cases through the first three months of this year have surpassed the count for all...

NASA nixes first all-female spacewalk due to suit-sizing issue

Published Mar. 26 2019

NASA has nixed the first all-female spacewalk over a spacesuit sizing issue.

North Carolina hospital using drones to fly blood samples between buildings

Published Mar. 26 2019

A pioneering use of drones to fly blood samples across a North Carolina hospital campus launched Tuesday in the latest...

More aging Americans are using pot to soothe what ails them

Published Mar. 25 2019

The group of white-haired folks - some pushing walkers, others using canes - arrive right on time at the gates...

What my DNA told me: Avoid fast food, eat vegetables

Published Mar. 25 2019

Avoid fast food, eat vegetables and exercise. It sounds like generic health advice, but they're tips supposedly tailored to my...


Cannabis-derived CBD oil finding place in ever more products

Published Mar. 21 2019

From skin-care lotions to bottled water, cannabis companies are rolling out a growing array of consumer products infused with a...

Forecasters say spring could bring unprecedented U.S. flooding

Published Mar. 21 2019

U.S. weather experts say the stage is set for unprecedented major flooding this spring for most of the nation.

Scientists say tiny 'water bears' can teach us about survival

Published Mar. 21 2019

Earth's ultimate survivors can weather extreme heat, cold, radiation and even the vacuum of space. Now the U.S. military hopes...

Make love, not CO2: Students worldwide demand climate action

Published Mar. 15 2019

From the South Pacific to the edge of the Arctic Circle, students mobilized by word of mouth and social media...

Scientists discover different kind of killer whale off Chile

Published Mar. 8 2019

For decades, there were tales from fishermen and tourists, even lots of photos, of a mysterious killer whale that just...

Mars lander starts digging on red planet, hits snags

Published Mar. 2 2019

NASA's newest Mars lander has started digging into the red planet, but hit a few snags, scientists said Friday.

Why do zebras have stripes? Perhaps to dazzle away flies

Published Feb. 21 2019

Zebra stripes are dazzling - particularly to flies.

More than 50 million gallons of water polluted with toxic metals pours daily from US mine sites

Published Feb. 20 2019

Every day many millions of gallons of water loaded with arsenic, lead and other toxic metals flow from some of...

NASA rover finally bites the dust on Mars after 15 years

Published Feb. 13 2019

NASA's Opportunity, the Mars rover that was built to operate for just three months but kept going and going, rolling...


Telemedicine's challenge: Getting patients to click the app

Published Feb. 6 2019

Walmart workers can now see a doctor for only $4. The catch? It has to be a virtual visit.

Check your compass: The magnetic north pole is on the move

Published Feb. 5 2019

True north isn't quite where it used to be.