The people demand answers: What happened to Julian Assange's cat?

Published Apr. 12 2019

What happened to his cat?

Blockbuster Video in Oregon outlasts the other stores to become the last of the iconic video franchises on Earth

Published Mar. 18 2019

There are challenges that come with running the last Blockbuster Video on the planet.

Immigrant, ex-KKK member share story of unusual friendship

Published Mar. 16 2019

Nothing has the power to unite people like banana pudding.

Judge scolds man for laughing about dipping his testicles in salsa that a customer ordered

Published Mar. 12 2019

A man accused of dipping his testicles in salsa that a customer ordered online nearly derailed his plea deal with...

Archeologists find hidden tunnels below Alcatraz prison

Published Mar. 7 2019

Archaeologists confirmed a long-time suspicion of historians and say that famed Alcatraz prison was built over a Civil War-era...

Why do zebras have stripes? Perhaps to dazzle away flies

Published Feb. 21 2019

Zebra stripes are dazzling - particularly to flies.

Runner survives attack by choking mountain lion to death

Published Feb. 5 2019

A mountain lion lunged at a runner on a Colorado trail and bit his face before the man fought...

After 20 years police in 2 states link dead mother and son

Published Feb. 5 2019

Decades after the unidentified bodies of a woman and a 10-year-old boy were found in separate states beside a Southern...

Long johns to short sleeves: Rapid thaw follows polar blast

Published Jan. 31 2019

In Illinois, temperatures could rise by 80 degrees within days. In Michigan, melting snow and rain and a 17-mile ice...

Man says emotional support alligator helps him deal with depression

Published Jan. 24 2019

A Pennsylvania man says his emotional support alligator helps him deal with his depression.

Nurse arrested in rape of incapacitated woman who gave birth at Arizona facility

Published Jan. 23 2019

A nurse who was looking after an incapacitated woman at a long-term health care facility has been charged with raping...