Nebraska farmer cut off his own leg with a knife to escape an auger

Published May. 15 2019

A northeastern Nebraska farmer is recovering after cutting off his own leg with a pocket knife to save himself...

Deputy says Georgia women bought a box of Legos, and a child found three pounds of meth inside

Published May. 8 2019

Three Georgia women bought a box of Legos while visiting a South Carolina consignment shop, only to find that the...

Congo park ranger tells of taking viral selfie with gorillas

Published Apr. 25 2019

A park ranger in Congo has described how he captured a selfie with two gorillas that went viral.

The people demand answers: What happened to Julian Assange's cat?

Published Apr. 12 2019

What happened to his cat?

Blockbuster Video in Oregon outlasts the other stores to become the last of the iconic video franchises on Earth

Published Mar. 18 2019

There are challenges that come with running the last Blockbuster Video on the planet.

Immigrant, ex-KKK member share story of unusual friendship

Published Mar. 16 2019

Nothing has the power to unite people like banana pudding.

Judge scolds man for laughing about dipping his testicles in salsa that a customer ordered

Published Mar. 12 2019

A man accused of dipping his testicles in salsa that a customer ordered online nearly derailed his plea deal with...

Archeologists find hidden tunnels below Alcatraz prison

Published Mar. 7 2019

Archaeologists confirmed a long-time suspicion of historians and say that famed Alcatraz prison was built over a Civil War-era...

Why do zebras have stripes? Perhaps to dazzle away flies

Published Feb. 21 2019

Zebra stripes are dazzling - particularly to flies.