9-pound, 11-ounce Tennessee baby is born on 9/11 at 9:11

Published Sep. 13 2019

A Mississippi couple welcomed a 9-pound, 11-ounce baby into the world on 9/11, at 9:11 p.m.

Missouri high school sophomore dies after football practice

Published Sep. 5 2019

A high school football player has collapsed and died after practice in southwest Missouri.

Florida man parks Smart car in kitchen so Hurricane Dorian won't blow it away

Published Sep. 4 2019

It started as a light-hearted challenge between a Florida couple, can a Smart car fit into their kitchen? The answer:...


Tennessee woman dies after being attacked by 5 dogs

Published Sep. 4 2019

A Tennessee woman has died 10 days after she was mauled by a pack of dogs.

YouTube to pay $170 million fine after violating kids' privacy law

Published Sep. 4 2019

Google will pay $170 million to settle allegations its YouTube video service collected personal data on children without their parents'...

Hours-old baby girl abandoned on Atlanta doorstep

Published Sep. 3 2019

Authorities say a baby was abandoned on the doorstep of an Atlanta home overnight.

Garbage truck crash destroys house in Cleveland, Tennessee

Published Aug. 30 2019

A house in Cleveland, Tennessee, was destroyed Thursday when a garbage truck crashed into it, according to the Cleveland TN...

Georgia triplet charged in fatal stabbing of his brother

Published Aug. 28 2019

Police say a Georgia triplet has been accused of fatally stabbing one of his brothers.

Toddler dies after store display falls on her at Illinois mall

Published Aug. 28 2019

A 2-year-old girl died Tuesday after a display fell on her inside a clothing store at Orland Square Mall in...

Truck plunges off Georgia bridge, landing on busy I-75, killing driver

Published Aug. 27 2019

Police say a pickup truck plunged off a bridge and landed on Interstate 75, killing its driver.

Teacher who says she killed man was assigned classroom with victim's sibling

Published Aug. 23 2019

Officials say a Tennessee substitute teacher who told police she killed a young man in a drug deal was then...

Fans choose sides in the 'Chicken Sandwich War' of our time

Published Aug. 22 2019

A nation already polarized finds itself divided once again, but this time politics isn't at the heart of it: The...

Pilot says plane crash into California ocean was no stunt

Published Aug. 22 2019

The pilot of a small plane that went down in the waters off Northern California is a self-professed thrill-seeker whose...

Greenland to Trump: Thanks, but we're not for sale

Published Aug. 16 2019

Greenlanders are giving Donald Trump the cold shoulder.

AP sources: Trump has talked about buying Greenland for US

Published Aug. 16 2019

Aiming to put his mark on the world map, President Donald Trump has talked to aides and allies about buying...

Police look through 46,000 pounds of trash for girl's body

Published Aug. 7 2019

Authorities are searching through garbage at landfills in two South Carolina counties for the body of a 5-year-old girl who...

Alabama woman fought off burglar with hot grease

Published Aug. 7 2019

Police say an Alabama woman used a pot of hot grease to fight off an armed burglar.

Third person charged in death of woman found in well

Published Jul. 31 2019

A third person is charged in the death of a woman whose body was found at the bottom of a...

Virginia man created parody presidential seal mocking Trump

Published Jul. 27 2019

A once-proud Republican in Virginia dismayed by President Donald Trump's leadership is the creator of a satirical presidential seal that...

Why did whales beach themselves in Georgia? No answers yet

Published Jul. 25 2019

Examinations of the carcasses of three pilot whales yielded no immediate answers to why they swam ashore and died on...

Pocket-sized shark squirts glowing clouds from pockets

Published Jul. 19 2019

A pocket-sized pocket shark found in the Gulf of Mexico has turned out to be a new species.

Fans descend on San Diego for the 50th Comic-Con

Published Jul. 18 2019

Dust off your Captain Marvel cosplay, San Diego Comic-Con is here.

Loretto, Tennessee police warn of 'meth gators,' say don't flush drugs down the toilet

Published Jul. 16 2019

The Loretto Police Department in Loretto, Tennessee — about three hours west of Chattanooga —is making national news after a...