Gecko butt-dials 'bazillion' times from Hawaii seal hospital

Published Oct. 9 2018

If you got incessant phone calls last week from a hospital that cares for Hawaiian monk seals, you were butt-dialed.

'Sesame Street' wants to clarify: Bert and Ernie aren't gay

Published Sep. 19 2018

The producers of "Sesame Street" want you to know that Bert and Ernie are not, in fact, gay.

10-year-old boy survives after meat skewer pierces skull

Published Sep. 12 2018

A 10-year-old Missouri boy is recovering after he was attacked by insects and tumbled from a tree, landing on a...

Kids found in rags in New Mexico amid tale of guns, exorcism

Published Aug. 6 2018

A raid on a New Mexico desert compound turned up 11 children wearing rags and living in filth, and also...