Shop online? Here are ways to reduce damage to the environment

Published Apr. 19 2019

Toothpaste delivered in two days is convenient, but not so great for the environment.

New Samsung handset: Do people really want or need a folding screen?

Published Apr. 16 2019

When Samsung said this year it would launch a smartphone with a folding screen, the big question was whether the...

Scientists reveal first image ever made of a black hole

Published Apr. 10 2019

Humanity got its first glimpse Wednesday of the cosmic place of no return: a black hole.

Facebook, Google face widening crackdown over online content

Published Apr. 9 2019

Tech giants like Facebook and Google came under increasing pressure in Europe on Monday when countries proposed stricter rules to...

Face recognition researcher fights Amazon over biased AI

Published Apr. 3 2019

Facial recognition technology was already seeping into everyday life — from your photos on Facebook to police scans of mugshots...

Walmart partners with Google on grocery shopping via voice

Published Apr. 2 2019

Walmart will now allow its shoppers to order their groceries by voice through Google's smart home assistant, its latest attempt...

Apple vs. Netflix: Why turf wars are flaring in big tech

Published Mar. 28 2019

Apple's ambitious leap into streaming video illustrates an escalating trend: Tech's biggest companies, faced with limits to their growth, are...

Facebook extends ban on hate speech to 'white nationalists'

Published Mar. 27 2019

Facebook is extending its ban on hate speech to prohibit the promotion and support of white nationalism and white separatism.

Trump says Google is committed to U.S. not Chinese military

Published Mar. 27 2019

Amid growing concern about the risks of Google and other U.S. companies doing business in China, President Donald Trump said...

FAA to revamp oversight after 2 deadly Boeing crashes

Published Mar. 27 2019

The Federal Aviation Administration plans to revamp oversight of airplane development after the two deadly crashes of Boeing's new 737...

Apple tries to take a bite out of credit card industry

Published Mar. 26 2019

Apple is rolling out a credit card that it says is designed to do things no other card can. So...

North Carolina hospital using drones to fly blood samples between buildings

Published Mar. 26 2019

A pioneering use of drones to fly blood samples across a North Carolina hospital campus launched Tuesday in the latest...


Apple is jumping belatedly into the streaming TV business

Published Mar. 25 2019

Jumping belatedly into a business dominated by Netflix and Amazon, Apple announced its own TV and movie streaming service Monday,...

What my DNA told me: Avoid fast food, eat vegetables

Published Mar. 25 2019

Avoid fast food, eat vegetables and exercise. It sounds like generic health advice, but they're tips supposedly tailored to my...

Facebook did not securely store passwords. Here's what you need to know.

Published Mar. 21 2019

Facebook said on Thursday that millions of user account passwords had been stored insecurely, potentially allowing employees to gain access...

Facebook left millions of passwords readable by employees

Published Mar. 21 2019

Facebook left millions of user passwords readable by its employees for years, the company said Thursday, an acknowledgement it offered...

Why Facebook didn't block live New Zealand shooting video

Published Mar. 20 2019

Why did Facebook air live video of the New Zealand mosque shooting for 17 minutes? Didn't anyone alert the company...

Apple refreshes iPad lineup, with larger entry-level model

Published Mar. 18 2019

Apple has unveiled a new iPad that's thinner and slightly larger than its current entry-level tablet.

FAA's close ties to Boeing questioned after 2 deadly crashes

Published Mar. 15 2019

For more than six decades, the Federal Aviation Administration has relied on employees of airplane manufacturers to do government-required safety...

Facebook says outages due to 'server configuration change'

Published Mar. 14 2019

Facebook went down for almost a full day across parts of North America and Europe, but it's still not saying...

Facebook's messaging ambitions amount to much more than chat

Published Mar. 12 2019

Facebook, already the leader in enabling you to share photos, videos and links, now wants to be a force in...

WWWorries? Inventor of Web laments coming-of-age woes

Published Mar. 12 2019

The inventor of the World Wide Web knows his revolutionary innovation is coming of age, and doesn't always like what...

iPhone sales are falling, and Apple's app fees might be next

Published Mar. 6 2019

Last year, every time someone paid $11 for Netflix through an iPhone app, Apple pocketed as much as $3.30. Multiply...