Tennessee has more than its fair share of the 100 best places in the nation to stand, including two local attractions, on a list compiled by

"Statistically, you should only have two, but Tennessee has five," said James Black, creator of the United Kingdom-based site and a contributor to the list from the 50 states.

The Lost Sea in Sweetwater, Tenn., ranks No. 4 on the list - between the Liberty Bell and the Hoover Dam, and the Hunter Museum of American Art sits at 95, one behind Ground Zero in New York City.

The Grand Ole Opry, Graceland and Clingmans Dome in the Smokies also made the list.

"This is about standing in one location and saying to yourself, 'This is a really great place to be,'" Mr. Black said.

Linda Harrison, tour director for the Lost Sea, said she was a little surprised to see the caverns ranked so highly, but she said the attraction's longevity has boosted its profile. Tourists have visited the cave since the 1920s, and boat rides started in 1965.

"You've got folks (who visited as children) bringing their grandchildren," she said.

Mr. Black said the idea to build the Web site came up during a discussion among friends about the greatest place they had been. It quickly occurred to Mr. Black, who has visited 36 of the site's 100 top global places and about 26 on the U.S. list, that the group could not possibly come up with such lists alone.

"Why not just open it up and let the world tell us where the best places are?" he said.

The initial lists were created by the StoodThere staff, but the site allows users to vote on each site. Those votes will be tallied for a revised ranking due out Dec. 1, according to the site.

Mr. Black said the Lost Sea's ranking was based on the number of times it was named in other lists in newspapers, magazines and Web sites. The Hunter Museum edged out other art collections because of its surroundings and view of the Tennessee River.

"It wasn't just the museum itself, it was the location," he said. "It's more than just the contents of the museum."

Hunter Museum spokeswoman Katrina Craven said she is glad to see the museum on the list, and she said she likley would log on to see how many of the sites she had visited.

"We've got some beautiful views from the museum both inside and outside," she said. "It is a really good place to stand."